How To Reset A Raid In Wow, Lockouts And Resets In World Of Warcraft

I saw some gold guides on farming Old Raids, so I tried this, starting with the Bastion of Twilight, but can you still even farm raids? I only did one run and then tried to rejoin, the first time all the mobs were just gone, second time, I changed the difficulty and it says I'm locked out for 3 days and 12 hours. Also, all the items I got from that run are Soulbound.

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How are people still farming dungeons? Or can you even still farm dungeons? And how can you get the items without it being soulbound?


When people say they farm old raids, they mean they do them every week, not grind them out over and over again every day.

And you can't get unbound boss items unless they specifically drop a BoE item.

Dungeons can be fully completed 10 times each hour (I believe) maximum. After clearing a dungeon you can exit the instance and right click your portrait to “reset all instances.” This will reset all of the dungeons you've either fully completed or partially completed.

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Raids can only be fully completed once every week, with the lockouts resetting every Tuesday morning. However, raid locks only start after you've killed the first boss of the raid. This means that for a raid like Bastion of Twilight, you're able to enter, kill all of the normal, non-boss mobs in the first room, leave the instance, reset it and kill them again because no boss had been killed yet. Raids also have different difficulty levels (Normal, Heroic, Mythic) as well as raid sizes (10, or 25 man). The harder the difficulty, the better (more expensive) the loot. The larger raid size, the more loot in quantity that is dropped. Vanilla and BC raids dont have either of adjustable raid sizes or difficulty. WotLK has adjustable raid sizes, and only ICC has adjustable difficulty (minus some hard-mode bosses in other raids but thats not important.) Cataclysm up raids have both, and only MoP and WoD have mythic level difficulty.

Almost all of the items you receive from raids will be BoP, or Bind on Pickup, meaning you wont be able to trade it to other players after looting it. This is because raid loot is supposed to be strictly for the players who killed the bosses in the raid, not to be sold to the highest bidder. These items can still be good money as you end up getting a lot of them when soloing old raids and can be sold to vendors.

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TL;DR: Dungeons can be repeated, raids have a 1 week lockout period. Theres a button to reset all instances, and raid lockouts are only active after you've killed the first boss of the raid. You make money by vendoring all of the loot the bosses drop while also picking up the raw gold they drop.

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