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I'm wondering if there is anyway I can force a chunk to regenerate itself without editing any files, only by doing something in game in survival mode. Is this possible?

Edit: I think corrupted chunks automatically reset themselves so if there's a way to corrupt a chunk in survival mode, that might do it.

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In survival mode, in vanilla, I am afraid not. Editing files would probably be your best bet. It would be an interesting end-game feature, though!

nope. even if you try corrupt a chunk it may affect other things that can destroy your world. I would suggest downloading the world and using MCedit(easier) or world edit.

open it up and then the world and select the chunk using the tool. then hit delete and then regenerate it.

Play in snapshots.

Wait for bug.

This kind of chunk reset was possible in at least one snapshot on our server (using probably this bug), although hard to control (we could only get it to regenerate two specific chunks, everytime the server restarted).

If you want to reset a larger area (512×512 blocks or 32 chunks), you could delete the region file for that area. Take your coordinates, divide by 512, subtract one if negative and you have yoru region file..

Region files are locating in game save “region” directory.

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Of course be sure you have a backup and the game is not running when you do this.

Nope. The only way to do this is by deleting or editing the files externally. MCEdit is probably the easiest way to delete a specific chunk.

If you think it's cheating, it's not. All you're doing is deleting a chunk. It's not like you're editing your inventory or anything.

I could mine all the diamonds and mark their location, then delete the chunk, have them regenerate, and do it again and again.

It is certainly abusable, depends on why you are deleting the chunk.

I just found this topic because I was looking for a way to reset a chunk in my single player.

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Basically I had started carving out a section of a mountain to build a house last night and decided today that I didn't want to do that anymore. So in order to preserve the landscape, I'm going to reset that chunk. All I got out of it was some cobble and dirt and honestly I threw the majority of it off the mountain to let it despawn as I'm overflowing with both of those as it is…

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