How To Ride A Horse In Minecraft Xbox One, Minecraft: How To Tame And Ride Horses

Fancy having one of these majestic animals to ride around on in the game? Well, saddle up, here”s how you tame a horse in Minecraft!

How to tame a horse in Minecraft

So let”s get into it. First things first, you”ll have to find a horse.

Now Minecraft is actually similar to many games in this respect, from Zelda Breath of the Wild all the way to Red Dead Redemption, as you”ll find them in large open plains.

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When you see the horse you want, head on over to it!

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As per expected you”ll get bucked off, but that”s okay. Continue this process over and over again, and you”ll find that the horse lets you sit on it for longer each time.

Once you”ve done repeated the process enough, you”ll see some hearts around the horse. This wild beast has finally been tamed!

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WHY THE LONG FACE? Horses come in a number of different patterns and colours

Saddle up!

If you want to control the movement of the horse, you”ll need to put a saddle on it.

How do you craft a saddle, we hear you ask. The answer is – you can”t. Instead, you”ll have to find the saddle on your journey. We recommend searching a few chests for one.

Equip the saddle to the horse, and you”ll be able to mount it, and control its movement.

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What can you do with a horse?

For one, you can take it for a ride around the Minecraft world! Better yet, you can even gear it up with some seriously awesome armour.

The horse will be your faithful friend, but if you want to delve to the deeper levels of the game, you”ll need to tame a Strider…

Luckily, we”ve got a guide for that right here.

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For more Minecraft how-to guides, from the best way to find Ancient Debris to how best to deal with Piglin Brutes, be sure to check back in with us.

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