How To Roll In Wow Raid – Why Can&#39T I See /Rolls In Raid Chat

Hi! I am at the point in the game where dungeons are becoming available to me and a huge mechanic, “rolling”, is something I don't understand. Mind if anyone explains it to me?! Thank you!


In a dungeon when loot drops you will be able to “roll” for it (you roll a number between 1-100 and whoever rolls highest gets it). The rolling part happens automatically.

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Greed rolls mean you intend to sell it. Need rolls mean you intend to actually use the item. Disenchant is the same as a greed roll, and pass means you don't want the item for anything.

Other people have already explained the system, but you should know that if you hit “need” by accident, just apologize and you can usually trade it (even cross-realm) to the person who needs it.

If someone is upset and you don't respond, you will likely get kicked as they'll assume you aren't paying attention.

And in case you don't know!

Cloth classes roll on intellect gear. Leather classes often want agility, or intellect if casting. Mail classes often want agility, or intellect if casting. Plate classes mostly want strength, but a holy paladin will want intellect gear (for casting).

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Basically you either use the default Group loot system like in dungeons to either; need, greed, pass (or disenchant if you have an enchanter on your group able to do so) on an item. Everyone who needs will have an equal chance of winning the item and need rolling takes priority over greed and greed takes priority over pass.

Another example of rolling is usually in raids; Master looter. In this the raid leader has the control of all loot and when something drops, people type /roll to roll a random number between 1 and 100 and the highest roll gets the item distributed by the raid leader.

Hope that clears something at least

To expand on this, if you do /roll 50 for example the roll will be between 1-50. This is sometimes used for rolls on off-spec items, for example if you only need an item for your off-spec then you /roll 50 and thus have a lesser chance of getting it while the others who need it for their primary spec roll 1-100 as usual.

I would assume they are talking about the loot system. Need if you absolutely need it, greed it other wise.

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its the mechanic of telling the game to generate a random number to decide if you get a piece of loot. Its like rolling a dice except that this dice has 100 sides. Need rolls trump greed rolls. So if the piece of gear is an upgrade need on it.

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