Hey everyone, my server recently got hacked (40-60 normal players one) and the hackers WorldEdited a bunch of stuff. I'm glad I have backups, but is there a specific plugin that can rollback worldedit related griefs (just in case for the future)?


Not much you can do about that. None of the block-logging rollback plugins track WorldEdit, afaik(edit: see below).

Đang xem: How to rollback a minecraft server with worldedit

I don't think this would work, but you could try going into whitelisted offline mode, log in as each of the offending users, and run //undo a bunch. Probably won't work.

What I would recommend is loading up a backup and using WorldEdit to save schematics of the griefed areas. That way you don't have to roll back your entire server – you effectively roll back specific areas.

Install NoCheatPlus+ and turn on the option that disables the /op command. That way, the only people who are op'd are the ones you manually entered in the ops.txt file.

session stole more than likely. Yesterday my brother got his session stolen for our server, and they all op'd themselves but thankfully my brother just used /stop instead of trying to deop and what not.

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Heliwr has a great rollback solution using World Edit snapshots, and a command aliased to rollback an area you are looking at, with a size and time modifier, but switch to CoreProtect 1.5 for rollback of WE.

you can download minebackup and set the worldedit snapshots to the minebackup folder.

you can use those snapshots to //restore

we backup the worlds every 4 hours and keep 24 snapshots

I used the rebuild function from this to repair a huge worldedit grief. Didn't work perfectly, but it worked.

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Although i cant seem to find one, i recommend plugins such as: Op Verify Which is a anti session stealing device and makes you have a password, if you log in on a diffrent IP adress, it will deop you until you enter the correct password. Having xAuth with this plugin is good becuase it can double check any ops. With OpVerify, heres 2 links i prefer and use on my server. OpAuth and OPProtect


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