Swedes aren’t human being renowned for having impeccable manners, at leastern not from an English-speaking perspective. But there’s a factor why ABBA went all out with Thank You For The Music. We could not have actually a word for please, but we Swedes carry out love to say say thanks to you. Want to understand exactly how to say thank you in Swedish? Of course you do! What if someone states say thanks to you to you, what execute you reply? Read on to discover out.

I keep a gratitude diary. There’s a lot to say give thanks to you for in Swedish!
How to say “thank you” in SwedishHow to say “you’re welcome” in SwedishHow to say “please” in Swedish

How to say “say thanks to you” in Swedish

1. “Thank you” in Swedish – Tack


A simple thank you in Swedish can be done by saying tack. It’s pronounced specifically the same as the English word with the very same spelling. This is the go-to word for everything from someone holding a door open for you, to being handed a item of Princess Cake.

2. “Thanks so much” in Swedish – Tack så mycket


Actually, if someone handed me a piece of Princess Cake, I’d more than likely say tack så mycket, bereason Princess Cake deserves significant gratitude. This is also just how Swedes generally respond if you wish them a happy birthday in Swedish – which have the right to be done in just one word: “grattis!”

3. “Thank you” (colloquial) in Swedish – Tackar tackar


If for some factor you gain a round of applause in Sweden, I recommfinish saying tackar tackar. Musicians will often say this after a collection, and it roughly translates to “thanking, thanking”. Also, if you don’t want to say “tack så mycket” in response to birthday greetings, you have the right to say “tackar tackar” rather.

4. Thanks for the food” in Swedish – Tack för maten


An uncomposed dominion in Sweden, and actually in all of Scandinaby means of, is that we give thanks to whoever before cooked the food for us. Whether that’s Mamma or Pappa (mother or dad) or a vän (friend), be certain to end up your meal by saying tack för maten. You don’t must say this if you’re in a restaurant or cafe.

5. “Thanks for last time” in Swedish – Tack för sist


Another halittle native to the chilly north is thanking others for spending time through you. Tack för sist is a expression that is more common among older human being, that still observe conventional pleasantries. But if you desire to impush your Swedish considerable other’s grandparental fees, this is how to perform it. It really is as basic as “tack för sist“.

6. “A thousand also say thanks to you’s” in Swedish – Tusen tack


Sometimes, one thank you in Swedish isn’t enough. Say “tusen tack” to present just how a lot you appreciate a gesture and also watch the Swede beam earlier at you. Aget, this is more widespread among older civilization, yet it’s somepoint I typically say. Who doesn’t want to give the barman a thousand also give thanks to you’s for transferring an ice cold beer on a hot summer’s day?

7. “Thanks a lot” in Swedish – Tack ska du ha


This one calls for you to pick up on the tamong the perboy speaking. Tack ska du ha in a happy voice means “thanks a lot”, yet “tack ska du ha” in a sarcastic voice implies “many thanks a bunch”. Its flexibility is what renders this expression fun to usage, though I’d recommfinish you usage this mainly to indicate you’re not actually exceptionally happy.

8. “Thank you for this time” in Swedish – Tack för den här gången


If you’ve had actually enough of a party and you’re all set to go house to your bed and Netflix, this is a handy phrase. Another way to say give thanks to you in Swedish is synonymous with saying goodbye. Tack för den här gången is kind of favor the English phrase “many thanks for having me” or “many thanks for your hospitality”.

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How to say “you’re welcome” in Swedish

9. “You’re welcome” in Swedish – Varsågod

Maybe you’re the one handing out the Fika goodies? In that instance, all you have to say is varsågod. Just as in English, you can say this sarcastically if someone doesn’t thank you for holding the door open up for them. Swedes hate confrontation, though. So if you say this, be conscious they’ll more than likely never before forgain your confront or words.

If you’re saying “you’re welcome” to even more than one perchild at the same time, just put an ‘a’ on the end: “varsågoda“.

10. “No problem” in Swedish – Ingen problem

When you’ve done someone a minor favor, simply say ingen problem. Remember that in Swedish, “problem” is pronounced prob-lear-m”.


11. “It’s cool” in Swedish – Det är lugnt

Imagine a frantic dog-mother that can’t stop gushing her many thanks because you regulated to grab her pup’s leash before it could bolt ameans. She’s giving you all the “tusen tack“‘s and all you did was put your foot down prior to the sneaky doggo made a break for it. That’s the type of instance wbelow you’d say det är lugnt. Literally analyzed right into English, this expression becomes “it’s calm”.

12. “No worries” in Swedish – Ingen fara

Similar to “ingen problem“, you have the right to say ingen fara in Swedish to say “you’re welcome”. It implies “no danger”, yet it’s mainly supplied to let someone off the hook. For instance, a frifinish texts you they took the wrong bus so they’ll be late. That’s when you’d reply with “ingen fara“. But if you’re Swedish, you’d say that and also then look grumpy till your friends arrive. (Swedes hate lateness).

13. “It was nothing” in Swedish – Det var så lite så

“Det var så lite så” is most likely sassist by eincredibly grandparent in Sweden at leastern when a day. Whether they’ve cooked you a 3 course meal, or wamelted and ironed all your clothing without being asked, they’ll constantly reply det var så lite så as soon as you say thanks to them. Literally analyzed, the phrase suggests “it was so little, so-“. Aww.

Basically, this is the many humble and wholesome means of saying “you’re welcome” in Swedish.

Most Swedes don’t bother, yet I always say “tack” to the civilization manning the ferries in Stockholm. It looks choose a hard job!

How to say “please” in Swedish

Swedes are, in general, incredibly serene about pleasantries. You were paying attention when I shelp we didn’t have actually a word for please in Swedish, weren’t you? Well, that’s not strictly true. Although, it sort of is. Let’s straighten this out!

14. “Please” in Swedish – Gärna

First, let’s begin via gärna. Comically, it’s pronounced “yeah-nah”, although it means “yes please” in some conmessages. If you’re offered a cup of coffee or refreshment, then you have the right to reply through “gärna” to indicate you’d choose nopoint more.

In other conmessages yet, “gärna” have the right to suppose “like”, as in “enjoy”. For circumstances, a Swede can say “Jag skulle gärna åka med dig till Karlstad” (I would certainly prefer to go via you to Karlstad). On its own though, “gärna” indicates “gladly”.

15. “Please” in Swedish – Är du snäll

Är du snäll on the other hand is more of a polite means to ask somepoint. For instance, if someone wants you to pass them a things, a Swede would ask “kan du ge mig den där boken, är du snäll?” (can you offer me that book, please?). If you really want someone to do you a favor, you can sling a “snälla” at the beginning or at the end of your sentence. Small kids carry out this a lot. Like in this example: “Snälla pappa, får jag klappa vargen?” (Please dad, have the right to I pet the wolf?).

A word on Swedish etiquette

Okay, so you know just how to say please, you’re welcome and also give thanks to you in Swedish. But what around the uncreated rules on Swedish etiquette? What is a large no-no in Sweden, regardless of language? Don’t worry. Read on to avoid awkward cases.

Always take your shoes off once you enter someone’s house. Don’t worry about gaining cold, most Swedes haves spare slippers or heat socks to lend you. Anything to save dirt out of the house. When you leave, you deserve to thank them by saying “tack för lånet” (many thanks for the loan). For formal occasions, the majority of Swedes tend to lug the organize a gift. Chocolate, wine, home-baked goods. It doesn’t really issue what, simply don’t revolve up empty-handed to a formal event. Don’t be offfinished if the hold leaves flowers in the wrapping paper. Die-difficult traditionalists swear by leaving them tright here until the guest leaves. I don’t recognize why.Swedes discover it exceptionally distasteful to listen to bragging. Especially if it’s about product riches. Avoid this at all expenses.BYOB, practically constantly. Alcohol is just one of the the majority of expensive products in Sweden, so don’t intend everyone to provide it for you. Even older world at dinner parties lug wine for themselves or to share. Many Swedish legacies are silly. Even ridiculous. But you could lug out someone’s inner-Viking if you refuse to jump about the maypole.

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