how to see in lava minecraft

Đang xem: How to see in lava minecraft

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A way to see under lava

Do you think there should be a way to see under lava? – Single Choice

No, you should not be able to see under lava. Keep it as it is. 8.8% Yes, I would like some sort of way to see under lava. 91.2%

How far should you be able to see? – Single Choice

7 blocks or more 8.7% 5-7 blocks 26.1% Only 3-5 blocks 18.1% As far as "tiny" render distance 19.6% As far as your regular render distance (unlimited) 27.5%
So, ever used your fire resistance potion, and tried to swim in lava? You can”t see anything but the block infront of your face.

It would be nice if we could craft goggles, or some other thing, so we can see under lava. It would be helpful for exploring lava pits for exposed diamond ore, etc. Perhaps only a fire resistance potion with glowstone dust should give you lava vision?

How far would you see? I think about 5 blocks would be fair.

What do you think?

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The funny thing is, by the time you finish reading this, you will have wasted about four seconds of your life…

I see what you two mean. I personally just like the idea because it would make it easier to search for diamonds in lava pools (which is near impossible now).

Even though you didn”t agree, thank you for your opinions! I look forward to see what others think about this as well.

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You can actually see through lava with a glitch, or, as far as my experience goes, I”ve seen through lava sometimes.
Maybe just make the underwater breathing helmet enchantment make it easier to see in lava like it makes it easier it easier to see in water.
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I am literally just now trying the night vision and tabbed out to post this…night vision potion does not work as of this posting.
confirmed the issue with seeing under lava is the fact that the view reduction is done using the dimming effect which cannot be countered by any known method aside from modding the game. night vision does not dispel dimming effects applied to the player even though it should

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Additionally, I do think it would be nice to have a potion to see through it, especially for projects in creative mode (having to go under lava to get to a secret entrance, etc). I like your recipe for it.

Partial support (it”s not exactly logical).


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There is usually veins of diamond on the side of lava lakes, so it doesn”t matter. However, it could be helpful for things I don”t know.
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Maybe when you drink a Fire Resistance potion, an added part to the fire proof ability would ALSO be to see under lava?
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Maybe when you drink a Fire Resistance potion, an added part to the fire proof ability would ALSO be to see under lava?

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Well maybe it is not realistic but neither is unlimited milk cows or gravity-less dirt, so why not?


let us see in lava!

Pigman style bruh! YEEEAH
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I used to be able to see while swimming in the lava, and I could see just as far as I could above the lava. I loved it. I would get my potions of fire resistance and did a lot of exploring and even mining in the lava. It was a whole “nother” world. I understand why they took out this ability. But with potions, they should make it possible to see. My recommendation would be that if you at the same time you have the potion of fire resistance, potion of night vision, and potion of underwater breathing (or combination like that), then you would automatically get a bonus ability: under lava vision. Or make it so that you can combine a couple of potions somehow to be able to see under lava.

Now that you have Ocean Monuments and also Lava Oceans, you really need this ability if you hope to find the monuments and do anything with them if you are in a lava world.

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