How To Set Dungeon Difficulty To Mythic Dungeons And How To Push Them

This page provides an up to date listing of the Mythic Dungeons inShadowlands, ranking by difficulty, depending on each week”s Mythic dungeonaffix combination.

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Since the affixes change each weekly lockout, make sure to check each week”supdated version of this ranking.

This week”s affixes are Tyrannical, Raging, Explosive, and Prideful. The MDT routes linked aboveprovide enough flexibility for you to choose if you do want to play withPrideful (only +10 keystone difficulty) or not.

First, we will provide you with a few general tips for the week, and thenyou can read on below for our difficulty rankings of the dungeons.

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Despite being one of the dungeons with the toughest bosses, Plaguefallis considered one of the easiest dungeons this week even with Tyrannicalpresent. Having Raging is actually an advantage in some cases bydeliberately Enraging Rigged Plagueborers to take advantage of their


Plague Bomb and chain them to a pack. However, rememberthat Margrave Stradama is the hardest boss of this dungeon and willfrequently make-or-break a run of Plaguefall. Be sure to check our weekly routeto ensure the most optimal Prideful timings!

In addition, Explosive can cause a lot of trouble especially whenengaging the Gushing Slime or Plaguebound Devoted due to theirquantity. You might want to split the pulls with these enemies to prevent anyunnecessary Explosive spawns!

Mists of Tirna Scithe is one of the easiest keys on Tyrannical, making it perfect if you want to focus on a high weeklykey. Explosive is also easy to handle due to the majority of trashpacks being rather small with only 4-5 mobs per pack; make sure you do notcombine several packs together.

Pay extra attention to Mistveil Defender and their frontal


Spear Flurry attack which becomes far more lethal once they Enrage from Raging. Having Soothe or a similar effect would be ideal

Halls of Atonement remains a great dungeon to focus on despite theunfavorable weekly affix rotation. The vast area allows tanks to kite Raging mobs even if you have no Soothe (or a similareffect) in your party. Just make sure to use slows or stuns to prevent theEnraged mobs getting close to them. However, beware of frontal abilities such asa Depraved Houndmaster”s


Rapid Fire or a Depraved Darkblade”s


Deadly Thrust. They can become especially deadly when Enraged, so watchout!

Finally, Explosive can be especially problematic if combiningseveral Toiling Groundskeeper with other trash mobs, so make sure to bediligent in your Explosive removal!

The Necrotic Wake is considered “moderate” with this week”saffix rotation, so if you are going there be sure to check our tips and tricksbelow!

Explosive is tough here due to the high mob density in each packso pay extra attention of the size of each pull. Necrotic Wake is a dungeonwhere having big pulls can save you a lot of time, but in this case can alsoturn especially lethal if you decide to chain patrolling groups of Blight Bagswith other mob types.

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Raging is relatively easy to handle, especially on Tyrannical.The only mob types you should be paying close attention to are the abominationsusing Mutilate and


Tenderize in the Stitchwerks area— the room after defeating Amarth. Make sure to kite or use Soothe (or similar effect) once the mobs Enrage, as both abilities canbecome lethal for the tank.

Finally, you can also use Raging to your advantage by aimingthe Enraged Throw Cleaver from Flesh Crafter to an enemymob or Prideful to speed up the dungeon!

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