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Sometimes, commands in Minecraft are the best way of doing something. Sure, there's no substitute for hard work and building or making something from scratch can be extremely rewarding.

However, sometimes it's not worth the time or effort. That's where some commands come in to make life in Minecraft a lot easier. One command in particular can make menial and time consuming tasks a whole lot more comfortable.

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The “fill” command is one of the best and most useful ones in Minecraft. Need to remove a whole chunk? Fill command. Need to replace a lot of blocks with a different block? Fill command. Need to remove water? Fill command.

Instead of mining things manually, there's a way to remove them almost instantaneously. Here's how to use the fill command in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Fill command in Minecraft Pocket Edition

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Commands in Minecraft Pocket Edition are used the same exact way as on any other platform, either Java or Bedrock. The backslash key “/” is the one to remember as it allows commands to be typed after it.

Commands aren't automatically turned on in the Minecraft world, so they'll need to be activated. This can be done in world settings, either before or after world creation. However, this will disable achievements.

Minecraft commands (Image via WikiHow)

There are lots of commands that can be used once activated and after typing the backslash. Teleport, locate and fill are the most common and most useful. Teleport and locate are simple commands, though.

“/tp user location(coordinates)” is pretty easy, and most platforms will prompt players with who and where they want to go and input for them. “/locate buriedtreasure” or other structures will give the coordinates. Having said that, Fill is a lot harder to do.

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Make note of the coordinates that need to be filled, like one corner being 35, 67, 1293 and the other being 51, 67, 1241. Type “/fill 35 67 1293 1241 67 51” and then add a space.

Type “minecraft: stone” or whatever block is needed. The next number entered will set up the variant of the block. For wood, it determines which one. Send the command to chat and it will fill the area with the block.

Stone bricks (Image via Minecraft, Snapguide Brit + Co

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