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More of less using the default “config.yml” that comes with Essentials, however fur the life of me I can”t figure out how to get it to allow setting more than one home. The “default” is set at three and I don”t get how to give “essentials.sethome.multiple” and such to various players, let alone specify which players are in which groups. I”ve managed to find a permissions.yml file and it has the permissions included, which didn”t work (file parsed just fine, for the record).

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Here is a snippet from the config file (I added extra group names in this list to try to get it working, but they aren”t added anywhere else).

groups:newbies:default: truepermissions:- essentials.kit- essentials.rules- essentials.balance- essentials.tell- essentials.sell- essentials.back- essentials.back.ondeath- essentials.who- essentials.afk- essentials.list- essentials.msg- essentials.warp.list- essentials.warp- essentials.helpop- essentials.motd- essentials.spawn- essentials.home- essentials.tpa- essentials.tpahere- essentials.tpaccept- essentials.home- essentials.sethome- essentials.sethome.multiple.default

I”ve tried restarting the server, removing the last two lines, restarting again to no avail (tried removing the last two lines thinking that perhaps it was negating the permission vs giving it). Also how do I tell what “group” someone is in and how do I change someone”s group? I have Essentials (as well as Essentials AntiBuild/Chat/Protect/Spawn/XMPP) installed. No other plugins aside from those. All the listed plugins were last updated (on my end) on Apr 28th and I believe that is still the latest build of the plugins.

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You cannot just paste permissions into the server permissions.yml file. You must use a plugin like PermissionsEX or GroupManager in order to be able to properly use permissions. Additionally, I believe in the config of essentials there is an option to allow multiple sethomes for users. For each group that you configure in the essentials config.yml, you must have a corresponding Permissions group defined.

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Is there a way to do that without a permissions based plugin? Since the server parses the permissions file as it is, I”m guessing that it tries to make use of it, but I”m lost on how to do it. If it requires a plugin, then why does it bother to parse the file?


Grabbed “GroupManager” plugin and I *think* I”ve got it figured out. So far, able to set three home locations and a couple of other things are working now.

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