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Getting Started ~ How to Make Your First Skin

Have you ever wanted to make a skin for Minecraft by yourself, but never really knew how to? This page will give you step by step instructions to create a basic first skin for yourself!!

1) First, find a skin editing site that you like or are familiar with. Personally, i prefer the Skindex editor. Find it here (click the picture)

2) Next cover the entire body in a skin colour of your choice.

Đang xem: How to shade minecraft bangs

For the best results, find a light colour located between orange and red on your colour wheel. This will give you a nice fleshy or peachy colour which looks more natural.

3) Choose a hair colour. For the best browns, go to the darker colours located in the orange on your colour wheel.

And now make a basic shape for your hair line. Remember to colour underneath and on the sides of your head as well!!

4) Create the length of your hair



Remember underneath the head on the neck region too

5) Now add bangs onto the hat section of the skin

Notice in picture 2 how the lowest part

of thebangs is still 1 pixel

above the bottom of the hat

For best results, wrap the bangs around the side of the head. This will make it look like the bangs are actually attached onto the head rather than floating out in front of the head.

6) Edit your bangs to look better! Previously, we had 4 pixels tall as the hieght of the hair line. Delete the line of pixels as shown on the picture by the white line.

This will make your bangs transform

From this To this

7) Add a shirt. We”re just going to put a plain white t-shirt on this skin but feel free to check out the clothing part of my website to find some more inspiration!

First, outline the area you want your shirt to be in

*ProTip* When dealing with whites, use an off-white rather than a bright white, it will make the skin look more natural.

Now fill in the area of your shirt.

8) Give your skin some pants! For this skin, we”re going to give her jean shorts.

9) Add shoes. I”d reccomend checking out my clothing section of the website for inspiration.

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*ProTip* Use the same or similar colours throughout your skin to make it have a sense of togetherness. For example, the white i used on the shoes is the same white on the shirt.

10) Add an eye pattern from my accessories section

11) Shading ~ How to

Shading is simply just putting different shades of one colour in a pattern.

The most basic shading pattern is the diamond pattern.

In the Skindex editor, these are tools you use for shading.

The “+” makes the colour 1 shade darker, and the “-” makes the colour 1 shade lighter.

These are tools you use before you learn how to hue shift (tutorial later)

For the skin, take the white colour on the shirt and make it 2 shades darker and place it in the pattern shown below.

Now 1 shade darker than the original white colour and place it in this pattern around the darker pixels shown below

Continue this pattern until either the colour cannot go any lighter,

or you reach the end of the body part

Now for the shorts. Use the same pattern as above: starting with 2 shades darker and progressivley getting lighter.

Do the same for the shoes

And the same pattern for the hair as well

Now just some finishing touches on the skin..

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And now your first ever skin is finished!!






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I”m a Canadian Minecraft skin maker, whos determined to help people make the perfect Minecraft skin for themselves.

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