How To Share Minecraft Texture Packs Be Shared? How To Share Minecraft Texture Packs

Does anyone know how to share textures on xbox one? My wife has a sub account on our xbox one and we are able to share all our games on the one console. She has recently been watching me play minecraft and wants to try it so i went and bought a couple texture packs she likes. For some reason we can only access them when logged in under my profie but not hers. Surely we shouldn't have to buy two versions of the same packs on the same xbox, no?

I mean, she can play under my account but she would like to earn her own achievements.

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3 years ago
There are two versions on Xbox One:

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition


In Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, DLC is purchased directly from the Microsoft Store, tied to your Microsoft Account, and can be shared with other players on the same console or other consoles via gamesharing.

In Minecraft, DLC is purchased from the in-game Marketplace, and tied to your account at the Xbox Live profile-level rather than Microsoft Account-level. Thus, DLC is only available to the account that purchased it and cannot be shared with other players.

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They hope to change this in the future, but it requires more work and collaboration with the Microsoft Store team to manage DLC entitlements.

If you’re using Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and are not able to share your DLC with other players on the same console, make sure you’ve set the Xbox One as your home console. You may also need to power cycle the console and try to access the DLC again.

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Original Poster3 years ago

Ah. Its just minecraft. Well i hope they change it in the future. This stinks. Thanks for the reply

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