How To Show Chunks In Minecraft Suggestions, Chunk Border Display Option For Bedrock

The way we have to go as far as installing packs to make it possible to view chunks is so frustrating.

Đang xem: How to show chunks in minecraft

For some reason, the Bedrock team spends time adding their own additional features when they haven”t even successfully implemented the entire Java feature set yet.

Knowing where chunk borders is crucial in Bedrock / Realms due to the more limited simulation distance.Resource packs already exist for Bedrock and can be loaded on PC / MCPE but cannot be accessed on Xbox. They could be added to the marketplace or as an option in game. Either would be fine for me

Yes please, or at least allow a way to enable add on external resource packs on xbox, i got chunk finder resource packs but even upon activation i cant get them to work.

Make it like the coordinates on compass, where, maybe you don’t even see the borders, you can just see what the chunk you’re inis. Or, if you sneak, you can see the chunk borders. That could really work.

Yeah I play on Xbox and hate have to go to my phone. We should be able to see that since it’s so important for farms, red stone ext.

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How about a Debug screen like on Java. Light levels, biomes, redstone power level. All of the data is there just need to be accessible.

With the latest updates resource packs to visualize chunk borders similar to java no longer work with render dragon. Since these packs are shaders and render dragon doesn”t allow 3rd party shaders at this time this has become even more important as red stone builds shouldn”t take minutes to hours to block out borders within game just to build complicated and sometimes very buggy redstone contraptions.

This would be amazing. Im having the hardest time finding my chunk borders nothing seems to help and none of the online tips work. I need a texture pack to help but i cant find one on the ps4 market.

we really need this on bedrock edition. before 1.16 it was possible to see chunk borders with a resource pack but now those don”t work anymore. this leaves no options for us. seems pretty unfair considering java players can easily use F3 and have access to chunk information. some farms are very dependent on chunk borders and villagers will just disappear on chunk borders when loading / unloading chunks. chunk borders is some very important information for technical players and that is missing from the game entirely since 1.16.

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it would be so helpfull and make farms works so easy pls add the option to see chunk border in bedrock like feature in java

this is a must have so many farms get broke because they are on borders. if we could still use texture packs it would be ok but you stopped us using them so now i no longer play until this feature is added to bedrock edition.

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