how to sneak in minecraft

How can you toggle between sneak and normal standing position? It”s kind of annoying having to keep a button pressed while I try to build and move around to get a better view of what I am doing.

Đang xem: How to sneak in minecraft

Suggestion: change sneak to Ctrl and use WASD or ESDF, your pinky should be able to hold down the CTRL key without too much of an issue. – zzzzBov Apr 12 “11 at 20:47

Changing sneak to CTRL just makes it harder to hit than SHIFT. That helps how? – Tanath Apr 12 “11 at 21:00
Shift is more natural for my hand. I thought there was a way to toggle. – bombillazo Apr 22 “11 at 15:07
I've started a vote on the minecraft forum for how a toggle crouch/sneak could be implemented. Feel free to come by and vote. If you add your thoughts to the comment area on the thread you can help keep the issue alive and get noticed (= – user11201 Jul 22 “11 at 18:35

While you”re holding Shift to sneak, press the Alt key once. This will return control to your mouse pointer, and when you click on the game window again, you will be permanently crouched until you press Shift again.

This only works in windowed mode – there is currently no way to toggle crouch in fullscreen. Notch has, however, expressed interest in adding sneak toggle capability.

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Also note that this "tap <kbd>Alt</kbd> key glitch" works on Windows, but may not work on Linux or Mac. – Denilson Sá Maia Jul 22 “11 at 19:32
It will not keep the state when you open a chat window, or other UI interface in the game. So you cannot for example use this to allow you to chat while treading water. You need a mod for that (see my answer :)) – InfinitiesLoop Jul 29 “11 at 17:31
It's just a window exploit for temporarily locked crouching, it's not meant to let you do things like simultaneously tread water and chat. – Keaanu Jul 29 “11 at 18:23

This no longer works. – Matt Lachman Sep 14 “13 at 19:44

I wrote a mod that does Toggle Sneak and MUCH MUCH more, and I plan on keeping it up to date with MC versions.

Does it keep sneaking when using furnace, workbench, or chatting? – xfs Jun 6 “11 at 20:03
Yup! Which also means you can chat while hanging onto a ladder. I recommend you check out the demo youtube video in the forum post. – InfinitiesLoop Jun 6 “11 at 20:13
Infinities I've been using your mod for about a week now and it's fantastic. Thanks a bunch, man. – Fambida Jul 29 “11 at 8:15
Fambida Awesome, thanks! 🙂 Always motivating to hear that. – InfinitiesLoop Jul 29 “11 at 17:29

Unfortunately, there”s no built-in way to toggle sneaking in Minecraft. However, you could always tape down / weigh down your actual Shift key.

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If you are on a mac you can simply set the crouch command to the caps-lock key. unfortunately it doesn”t seem to work for windows.

Autohotkey is a large and complex program. This answer is useless without more information. – AttackingHobo Apr 13 “11 at 3:12

AHK isn't large or hard, but since you are having problems:… – Bill K Apr 13 “11 at 7:30
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