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If nopoint happens, downfill the extension for Visual Studio and also attempt aobtain.

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A Rapid, async, and also open source Minecraft name sniper.





Asynchronous • MCsniperPY is asynchronous interpretation it tends to be faster and even more efficient than multithreaded name snipersOpen source • MCsniperPY is open resource, definition you can look at every little thing that goes on behind the scenes to get you a name. This implies you can be sure it does not steal your account.Fast • MCsniperPY is fast, but not so rapid that your researches run out instantly.

Table of Contents


Linux basic installation

Run bash -c "curl -sLo && chmod +x && ./" in your terminal to install the sniper. To run it aacquire just type ./

Windows installation

You will need to have a couple of points set up prior to running the sniper. This installation guide assumes that you are on a 64little bit Windows system.

First, you will certainly should install Python. It"s recommfinished to usage either variation 3.8.5 or 3.8.6. You have to usage a Python version over 3.0.

Installing Python

Go to the adhering to link and downpack Python:

Once you have actually opened the installer, make certain that you include Python to path. Your installer need to look prefer this:


Run through the installer as normal, then download the McSniperPY papers.

Downloading McSniperPY

Download the following file:

Extract the folder to somewbelow quickly available, such as your desktop computer.

You must have actually a folder containing the following files:


If you have even more papers than this do not worry, the sniper has actually a lot of likely been updated given that this guide was created.If your folder does not have actually a file called accounts.txt, then produce one.

Installing dependencies

You currently must open up a command prompt to the McSniperPY course. An easy way to carry out this is by opening the folder and typing cmd in the path:

Your command prompt must have actually a line similar to this:


If there is nopoint after your Windows username, you will need to type the following command:

cd path_to_folder

Once you have actually a commant prompt open up to the correct path, you should form the complying with command:

py -m pip install -r requirements.txt

If you acquire the following message:

"py" is not well-known as an interior or exterior command, operable routine or batch file.

then you will certainly have to reinstall Python adhering to the guide over, make sure that you included Python to PATH.

If you gain a red error, via this message inside:

error: Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 is required.

then you will have to downfill Microsoft Build Tools, you can carry out that by downloading and install the adhering to routine and also installing Build Tools:

Otherwise, you have installed the correct dependencies and can follow on with the tutorial.If you have actually a difficulty and also can"t figure it out, feel totally free to ask in #assistance in the McSniperPY Discord server.

Installing Dimension 4

Sometimes your computer"s time can come out of sync. If this happens to you then every one of your name snipes will certainly be inregular, interpretation you can"t number out your delays appropriately and also all of your snipes are just lucky. Dimension 4 fixes this. The UNIX indistinguishable to this is dubbed chrony.

Downpack Dimension 4 from the complying with connect (download is at the bottom of the page):

Install Dimension 4, then open up it.


Click the "Sync Now" button at the height appropriate, your time should now be synced.

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You need to carry out the sniper via accounts, you have the right to likewise modify the config file if wanted.


Open the file accounts.txt and also put your accounts in.

The order for accounts are:

Sq1, 2 and also 3 being the answer to defense concerns. The order of these are the exact same order that they appear on the Minecraft website.The defense questions are optional.

Here"s an instance of a valid accounts.txt:

email in mind that currently only Mojang accounts are supported.


The config is wright here you can customise the sniper, it is discovered at config.txt.

You deserve to modify all of these values, please note that you shouldn"t put quotes.

Here"s what all of the current attributes do:

KeyPossible ValuesExplanation
timing_systemnamemcWhat timing device to use
skinpathThe route to a skin to upload once a snipe is successful
skin_modelslim, classicWhat skin type to usage once uploading
change_skintrue, falseWhether the sniper should readjust skin on a effective snipe
snipe_reqsnumberHow many type of researches per account to sfinish as soon as sniping
auth_delaynumberTime in millisecs to login to accounts before they release
max_accsnumberMaximum number of accounts to use when sniping

Optional features:

KeyPossible ValuesExplanation
custom_announcetokenYour token for the Discord server"s practice announcer
whwebhookDiscord Webhook URL

To obtain a custom_announce token, join the Discord server and type >generate in the #bot-commands channel and follow the instructions that the bot DM"s you. Make sure your DM"s are open up.


A delay is the moment in milliseconds that the sniper starts to sfinish repursuits before the name drop time. If a name drops at 10:00:59 and you tell the sniper to use a delay of 1000, the sniper will start sending the repursuits at 10:00:58 because 1000 milliseconds = 1 second.

Delays are helpful for 2 factors — ping and also server lag.

If you have actually high ping to Mojang"s APIs (, not - they"re seperate servers) then making use of a greater ping is recommended, vice versa goes for reduced pings. Note that MinecraftServices is hosted in Ashburn, Virginia.

If many civilization are going for a username (you deserve to typically recognize this by the amount of views it has actually on NameMC) then Mojang"s servers deserve to lag. It"s mostly advised to usage a greater delay when going for a name via high views.

Other people"s delays in many cases won"t work-related on your machine. Delays can depfinish on many things, consisting of ping, netoccupational paths and also CPU speed.

A great means to discover a hold-up that works for you is to attempt to snipe usernames with a hold-up of 400, then adjusting the delay based off of the timestamp you receieve. If the snipe is beforehand, your delay is also high.

If you need aid through your delays, and have complied with the suggested strategy over then you deserve to ask for assist in the #assistance channel in McSniperPY"s Discord server.

Running the sniper

To run the sniper you desire to open a command also prompt home window wbelow McSniperPY is situated.

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You can do that choose so:

Once the home window is open, you want to kind the complying with command:


Assuming nopoint went wrong, the sniper need to currently be running;


You have the right to currently follow the ondisplay screen instructions.

Understanding the logs

When you attempt to snipe a name, you are offered indevelopment around the researches that McSniperPY sends out to Mojang"s API. This information is in the complying with format:

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