how to solo spoils of pandaria mythic

Today is my day off work and i decided to make this guide. I assumed a lot of people want to get Kor”kron Juggernaut mount and if this guide helps at least one person I”ll be happy. I”ve been soloing SoO on my rogue since mid January but I”ll try not to make it rogue only guide. Also, please ignore any spelling mistakes. Writing this took about an hour, English is not my native language, and I”m tired


Class – Rogue
Item level – 895 currently but i was 870 the first time i did it. To avoid stress I”d say wait until you have at least 880 and bring BL drums/flasks/food etc. At 890+ ilvl you can stop using any consumables
Talents – Only mandatory talent is leeching poison
Legendaries – Belt / Sephuz, both pretty useless for soloing. If you have Prydaz for example it would make it even easier.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. I will skip non-important boss abilities and only focus on the important ones. Lets start with the actual guide.

Immerseus Boss dies after you kill 75 black blobs. Buy bear tartare food (it gives you 5 second sprint every time you kill an enemy) and you”ll be able to kill blobs way faster. Another advice is to stay close to the boss and kill the blobs with your ranged abilities. If you move away from the boss he will expand his "sha pool" and he will stay in phase 2 much shorter.

The Fallen Protectors You have to kill all 3 of them in the same time or they will heal back to 30% hp. Fight consists of two phases. Phase 1 is "normal" phase and phase 2 is add phase. Phase 2 starts separately for each boss at 66% and 33% hp and each boss becomes untargetable during that phase. To keep it simple get them all to 66%, do all 3 add phases at once, repeat that at 33% then kill them at the same time.

Norushen You can ignore all of his abilities but he does have a 50% damage reduction so it”s just a boring fight.

Sha of Pride 35 seconds into the fight he uses an ability called banish and if you are alone the boss just resets. If you”re a tank you can ignore this mechanic since he doesn”t use it on a tank. If you”re a class with a pet just make sure your pet has the highest aggro. If you are any other class (spec) you have to get him to 30% hp (to start phase 2) before he uses banish.

Galakras Start the fight near left tower entrance. Wait until the orc spawns and kill him (don”t let him kill those two goblin engineers). Jump down, kill all adds but focus Dragonmaw Bonecrushers. They have an ability called fracture and they can kill your main npcs with that in 10 seconds which resets the fight. After that go back to the tower entrance and kill another orc then jump down and kill another add wave. Wait down there until the orc snake lady shows up. Kill her then go up the tower, kill everything, shoot galakras twice, jump down and kill him.
TLDR make sure goblin engineers and 3 main NPCs don”t die.

Iron Juggernaut Short version : kill him before he kills you. Longer version : he has two debuffs and they stack indefinitely but you can cloak one of them. I assume divine shield / iceblock can remove both.

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Keep walking in circles around him to avoid any unnecessary damage. Use cloak on 50% hp and don”t forget crimson vial.

Kor”kron dark shamans This boss can be tricky because of one ability : iron prison. It does 100% of your maximum health as physical damage after 1 minute. Its not going to one shot you but it will bring you to about 10k hp. If you can kill them before it happens or if you can remove it (not sure if divine shield / iceblock works) then you”re fine. If you can”t, do this : Make sure you have full hp one seconds before iron prison hits you and use all defensive cooldowns to prevent any further damage. Make sure you heal yourself back up after it hits you.

General Nazgrim Ignore all mechanics and kill him.

Malkorok Ignore all mechanics and kill him.

Spoils of Pandaria There is only one thing that can wipe you here so please remember this. If you switch to the other side but there are mobs ALIVE at the side you came from you”ll die. Also, on mogu side, when you kill a mob he spawns a spark. Sparks count as mobs so kill them as well.
Start at bottom right -> kill everything including sparks -> click on the lever -> click on the rope -> go top left -> kill everything -> click on the lever -> go through the door to bottom left -> kill everything -> click on the lever -> click on the rope -> go to top right -> click everything -> click on the lever -> done. Also, when i said everything i meant everything that spawned. You CAN have boxes unopened and still get the 50 bar progress.

Thok the Bloodthirsty Ignore all mechanics and kill him.

Siegecrafter Blackfuse Ignore all mechanics and kill him. If your dps is low he will gain 90% damage reduction for 30 seconds so just wait for 30 seconds and then kill him.

Paragons of the Klaxxi Its all about kill order which I”m about to show you. Keep in mind, when you kill one, others heal to full hp.

Rik”kal – FIRST PRIORITY! He turns you into a scorpion. When this debuff expires you”ll die. Kill him before it happens.
Kaz”tik – SECOND PRIORITY! mind controls you to walk to one of the bugs. When you reach the bug you”ll die. Either kill him before he does it or kill the bug with ranged abilities (half a million hp).
Iyyokuk – THIRD PRIORITY! His ability "Diminish" does damage based on % of your hp. Kill him fast and use healing CDs afterwards.

Other 6 are not that important but they could be a problem in combination with the first 3 so lets go through their abilities.

Skeer the bloodseeker – Spawns bloods at the edge of the room. Bloods then walk to the middle and they heal any boss they reach. Since he does this at soon as he spawns don”t dps anyone at all until bloods explode (about 5 seconds).
Korven – Uses amber regeneration on a boss with lowest hp. Amber regeneration makes that boss immune to all damage then heals him to full after 20 seconds or so. During that time that boss doesn”t do anything. Just get any other boss to low hp, Korven will use amber regeneration on him and then you switch to Korven and kill him. That”s the easiest way to deal with this since korven also stuns you for 5 seconds and you don”t want him up for long.
Hisek – Knocks you back and roots for 5 seconds. Only important if he spawns in combination with one of first 3 bosses.
Kir”luk – Stun (gouge) with long duration
Xaril – Can do quite a bit of damage if left unchecked for a long time
Ka”roz- Nothing

Garrosh Hellscream It might sound weird but there is literally nothing to worry about here, just kill him.

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