How To Spawn A Skeleton Dog In Minecraft, Minecraft Earth:Skeleton Wolf

I made a world with undead stuff like zombies and skeletons. I even got skeleton and zombie horses but I want to add a skeleton dog or wolf (whatever you want to call it) in it but I can”t figure out how. thanks.

Đang xem: How to spawn a skeleton dog in minecraft


There are no skeleton dogs in vanilla (unmodded) Minecraft.

To get skeleton dogs alongside regular dogs, you will need a mod, that will add such a new mob (or variation).

If you don”t need normal dogs, you may just use a resource pack that will replace normal dog”s texture with skeleton. The dogs will still behave as usual, but look different.

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I”m not able to recommend any specific mods or resource packs now, though.


If you want to get a skeleton dog/wolf in Minecraft you will need a mod. There is absolutely NO WAY to get a skeleton dog/wolf in Minecraft vanilla (unmodded).



If you want a pack that has skeleton wolves, you can try the HyperPack, which adds skeleton wolves and other nice add-ons(

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