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The Legend of Herobrine mod is a revival of the classic Herobrine mod but with a few new additions. With this mod you need to summon Herobrine into your world with a shrine.

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And then you’ll need to place the Altar of Herobrine on the shrine and activate it with a cursed diamond.

This will act as a permanent gateway for Herobrine to enter your world. You won’t know when he’ll appear but things will start to change almost immediately around you. The gateway can be closed only with a purified diamond.

Now you will occasionally see him following far behind you, sometimes more than one will follow. Some of them will run away and others will attack, sometimes in larger groups.

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The curse can also affect animals or villagers and you’ll notice if they are if they start attacking you unprovoked and they’ll have white eyes like Herobrine.

You might see a few strange things suddenly appear in your world as well like randomly placed Herobrine statues and the unsettlingly large cursed forest biome.

You may also come across some structures with this mod like the trapped house. It’s a house built in the middle of nowhere with worthwhile loot inside.

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But be warned as there are several pressure plates lining the floor of this house and it’s rigged to blow!

You may also come across survivor bases. These were built by the new survivor mob that can also be used for trading!

You can even used cursed diamonds to craft new armor and tools!

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