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This guide is intended to provide a comprehensive description of theencounter with Will of the Emperor in Mogu”shan Vaults. It is targeted at anyonewho desires to understand the fight mechanics.

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This guide is updated for World of Warcraft WoD 6.1.2.

The Will of the Emperor is the 6th and final boss encounter in the Mogu”shanVaults raid instance. The challenges present in the encounter will test allthe various skills your raid has had to employ when killing the first 5bosses.

While the encounter is quite simple to understand, it will prove to bevery chaotic, as there are many different adds present throughout thefight.


General Information

Difficulty Health Values Enrage Timer Raid Composition Tanks Healers DPS
10-man Jan-xi and Qin-xi (shared): 157M Emperor”s Rage: 1.7M Emperor”s Courage: 1.8M Emperor”s Strength: 4.2M Unknown 2 2-3 5-6
10-man Heroic Jan-xi and Qin-xi (shared): 235M Emperor”s Rage: 3M Emperor”s Courage: 3.3M Emperor”s Strength: 7M Unknown 2 2 6
25-man Jan-xi and Qin-xi (shared): 471M Emperor”s Rage: 2.8M Emperor”s Courage: 3.7M Emperor”s Strength: 8.3M Unknown 2 6-7 15-16
25-man Heroic Jan-xi and Qin-xi (shared): 706M Emperor”s Rage: 5M Emperor”s Courage: 6M Emperor”s Strength: 12.7M Unknown 2 6-7 15-16
LFR Jan-xi and Qin-xi (shared): 239M Emperor”s Rage: 2.5M Emperor”s Courage: 2.1M Emperor”s Strength: 5.5M Unknown 2 6 17





Item Name Armor Slot Main Stats

Hood of Focused Energy (LFR, Heroic)

Cloth Head Intellect/Hit

Magnetized Leggings (LFR, Heroic)

Leather Legs Intellect

Crown of Opportunistic Strikes (LFR, Heroic)

Leather Head Agility
Enameled Grips of Solemnity (LFR) Mail Hands Intellect

Dreadeye Gaze

Mail Head Agility
Grips of Terra Cotta (LFR, Heroic) Mail Hands Agility

Spaulders of the Emperor”s Rage (LFR, Heroic)

Plate Shoulders Intellect

Jang-xi”s Devastating Legplates (LFR, Heroic)

Plate Legs Strength

Chestguard of Eternal Vigilance (LFR)

Plate Chest Strength/Parry



Item Name Type Main Stats

Tihan, Scepter of the Sleeping Emperor (LFR, Heroic)

Mace Intellect

Fang Kung, Spark of Titans (LFR, Heroic)

Bow Agility


Amulets and Trinkets

Item Name Type Main Stats

Worldwaker Cachabon (LFR, Heroic)

Amulet Intellect

Qin-xi”s Polarizing Seal (LFR, Heroic)

Trinket Intellect/Spirit

Lei Shin”s Final Orders (LFR, Heroic)

Trinket Strength


Overview of the Fight

The Will of the Emperor encounter is a two-phase fight that needs to beactivated by interacting with the control panel located next to the fightingarea. After the activation, you have to wait for 25 seconds before the fightreally starts.

Phase One lasts for the first 90 seconds of the fight. During this time,your raid will have to handle three different types of adds.

Phase Two begins after 90 seconds, when the two bosses of the encounter,Jan-xi and Qin-xi, become active. The adds from Phase One willcontinue to spawn until the end of the fight.

Jan-xi and Qin-xi have a shared health pool, and the fight ends with theirdeath.

As you will see below, the main difficulties are dealing with the adds,and successfully avoiding Jan-xi and Qin-xi”s abilities.


Video by Inner Sanctum

10-man Heroic kill


The Environment

The encounter takes place in the Forge of the Endless, within the Mogu”shanVaults raid instance. The room itself is a large semi-circular arena.

All the adds, including the bosses, will spawn from alcoves in the largewall that forms the rounded part of the arena. Each type of add always spawnsfrom the same alcove, and each alcove lights up red for the 5 seconds before anadd spawns from it.


Phase One

During Phase One, your raid will have to handle three different types ofadds, for 90 seconds. A new wave of adds spawns every 15 seconds.

After 90 seconds, the phase ends, and the two main bosses becomeavailable. Keep in mind that Phase Two is merely an extension of Phase One,and the adds from Phase One will continue to spawn, in the same way, untilthe end of the fight.


Adds and Abilities

Emperor”s Rage spawn from the central alcoves. Their only ability is


Focused Assault, which causes them to fixate on a randomraid member, and do nothing except walk towards that target. Upon reachingtheir target, they perform mildly damaging attacksagainst them.Emperor”s Rage adds can be killed, slowed, stunned, and they are generallysusceptible to all forms of crowd control. Each spawn consists of 4 Emperor”sRage in 25-man, and 2 Emperor”s Rage in 10-man and LFR.Emperor”s Courage spawn from alcoves located at the sides of the arena(they jump from alcoves located above ground level, so to see them lighting redyou need to look up). Their only ability is


Focused Defense, which causesthem to fixate on one of your raid”s tanks, and do nothing except walk towardsthat target. Upon reaching their target, they hit them with


Impeding Thrust.Emperor”s Strength spawn from alcoves located half-way between thecenter and the sides of the arena (they jump from alcoves located above groundlevel, so to see them lighting red you need to look up). They have normalthreat tables, but do not melee their main aggro target. They regularly cast Energizing Smash.Emperor”s Strength adds can be killed, but they are immune to all forms ofcrowd control. Each spawn consists of 2 Emperor”s Strength in 25-man, and 1Emperor”s Strength in 10-man and LFR.


As you can clearly guess, your raid will have to contend with all of theadds that spawn during this phase. Your goal is to have as many of the addsas possible killed (ideally all) by the time the phase ends.

In the sections that follow, we will explain how to deal with each type ofadd. For now, it is important to note that the priority for killing the addsshould be:

5.2.1. Emperor”s Courage

These adds are the top priority at all times. They must be killed beforethey reach the tank that they have fixated on. The tanks will also have tomove away from these adds if they get too close.

They have low health, but they must be damaged from behind.

Ideally, all casters should move next to the alcove from where they willspawn, so that as soon as the add spawns, it is possible to attack it frombehind.

They are susceptible to slows, and this is something you should aim tokeep up on them.

5.2.2. Emperor”s Strength

Emperor”s Strength are next in order of priority. While the tanks can pickthese adds up, they can also easily be handled by melee DPS. It is importantto kill them before the radius of their Energizing Smash increases somuch that it is impossible for it to be avoided.

They should simply be nuked down when no Emperor”s Courage are up.

5.2.3. Emperor”s Rage

These adds are the least harmful. Players on whom they fixate should becareful to move away from them until the adds are killed.

Since they are susceptible to all forms of crowd-control, your raid shouldmake ample use of stuns and slows to keep them in check until they can bekilled.


Phase Two

Phase Two starts 90 seconds after the start of the encounter. This ismarked by the two bosses, Jan-xi and Qin-xi, entering the fight (fromcentral alcoves). All the adds from Phase One will continue to spawn and behaveexactly as described above.

The phase ends with the death of the two bosses, who share a healthpool.



The two bosses, Jan-xi and Qin-xi, share the same abilities. They each havean Energy bar, with a maximum capacity of 20. Their energy increases overtime, at a rate of 1 Energy per second, completely independent of any playeraction. The two bosses” Energy bars are synchronized.

When the bosses reach maximum Energy, they each perform a DevastatingCombo. A Devastating Combo is a series of 5 attacks, used over a period of15 seconds, during which time the bosses no longer melee or move. Theirattacks are a random combination of the following 2 abilities, although thefirst seems to be used much more than the second.

Devastating Arc causes the boss to swing his massive weapon and dealdamage in a large area in front, to the left, or to the right of the boss. Itis easy to tell which area the boss will strike, as blue lights flash in thatdirection. The boss” animation also serves to clearly indicate where he willstrike.When the boss swings his weapon back over his left shoulder, he willstrike the area to his right.When the boss swings his weapon back over his right shoulder, hewill strike the area to his left.When the boss holds the weapon pointing forward, he will strike thearea in front of him.Getting hit by this attack, in addition to the damage it deals, alsoapplies a stacking debuff that reduces the target”s armor by 10% for 30seconds, per stack.

While these two abilities are damaging on their own, avoiding them hasanother, very important benefit. Whenever a player avoids taking damage from allabilities in a Devastating Combo, they gain the Opportunistic Strike ability, in the form of an extra action button. Thisability can only be used once, and it deals 500,000 damage to the target.

Each boss also applies a debuff to his main aggro target, called Magnetic Armor. This debuff is harmless when the tank is within 15 yardsof the boss. When the tank exceeds this distance, however, he will be instantlypulled back to the boss.

Every 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the room will fill up with Titan Gas.The first 3 Titan Gases last for 20 seconds each. The fourth (and final) Gaslasts until the bosses are killed. Titan Gas has several effects.

It deals raid-wide Frost damage every second.It increases the damage done of all melee players and tanks by 25%.It increases the damage done of all enemies by 25%.It stops all adds from spawning for the duration.

When Titan Gas is cast for the final time, the adds continue to spawnduring this time. This Titan Gas remains in the room until the bosses havebeen killed, and it acts as a sort of enrage mechanic.



The strategy for this phase revolves around several key aspects.

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All adds must be kept under control and killed in a timely fashion. Thesame priority order applies as in Phase One.The tanks and melee DPS players must avoid as many of the DevastatingCombos as possible.

We will go into detail regarding each of these aspects below.

It is interesting to note that the phase does not get progressivelymore difficult in any way.

6.2.1. Positioning

As soon as the two bosses spawn, the two tanks should pick them up. Thebosses should be tanked a fair distance apart from one another (roughly 60yards), in order to avoid overlapping Devastating Arcs. The ranged DPSand healers should be in such a location that their position and the twoboss tanking positions form a triangle. This will allow the healers and DPS tobe in range of both bosses (and the tanks), without being in danger of beinghit by Devastating Arc or Stomp.

Naturally, these positions will be off-set somewhat when random players haveto move in order to avoid being hit by adds that fixate on them.

6.2.2. Adds

All of the adds should be dealt with in the same way as during Phase One.Even though it may be tempting to DPS the bosses, maintaining proper control ofthe fight is crucial, so killing the adds remains the top priority.

It is especially important to kill the Emperor”s Courage adds quickly,because if they manage to reach the tank and slow them, it will be impossibleto avoid being hit by the Devastating Combos.

The Emperor”s Strength must also be killed quickly, because as theradius of their Energizing Smash increases over time, it will beimpossible for the melee DPS or tanks to avoid being stunned.

The Emperor”s Rage, while not very problematic, must also be killed sothat too many of them do not accumulate.

6.2.3. Devastating Combo

Tanks and melee DPS will quickly learn the animations of the various ways inwhich Devastating Arc can be cast, and avoiding them should only be amatter of concentration.

For tanks, it is especially important to avoid these attacks. This isbecause the armor-reducing debuff that getting hit by Devastating Arc appliescan prove quite dangerous, if the number of stacks is high. Note that thedebuff will not have time to expire between Devastating Combos, so avoidingbeing hit by Devastating Arc is mandatory.

Tanks have an added challenge, here, that DPS players do not share. Becauseof Magnetic Armor, tanks cannot simply out-range the attacks of thebosses. For the Devastating Arcs, the tanks can quite easily move to the sideof the boss that will not be affected. However, in order to avoid the Stomp, tanks will have to move away from the boss, between 13 and 15yards, where they will not be hit by the Stomp, nor pulled back by MagneticArmor. This will be tricky to do at first, but it should become easy withsome practice.

6.2.4. Titan Gas

While Titan Gas is active, everyone must be prepared for the increaseddamage, from both sides.

On the one hand, melee DPS players should try to use their cooldowns duringthis time. Additionally, this is the ideal time for using Heroism/ Bloodlust/ Time Warp.

On the other hand, tanks and healers must be prepared to use cooldowns tocounter the increased tank damage, as well as the raid damage.

6.2.5. Healing Concerns

If everyone in the raid plays perfectly during this phase, there should beno raid damage at all outside of Titan Gas. However, healers should stillbe prepared to heal those raid members who are careless enough to be hit bythe Emperor”s Rage or by Devastating Combos.

The tank damage should be fairly moderate most of the time, unless the tankhas stacks of the armor-reducing debuff applied by Devastating Arc.

An event of particular importance is when the room is filled with gas, dueto Titan Gas. Healing and raid cooldowns should be used here in order tomitigate the damage. Because the mobs also do increased damage at this time,healers should coordinate with tanks for proper cooldown usage.


When to Use Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp

Heroism/ Bloodlust/ Time Warp is best used duringPhase Two, when Titan Gas has just been released into the room. This isbecause at this moment, the raid is benefiting from increased damage, and nonew adds are spawning to distract players from attacking the bosses.


Learning the Fight

Success in this encounter is heavily reliant on two sets of skills thatyour raid must aquire:

dealing with the various types of adds;avoiding all of the Devastating Combo attacks.

You should focus on these two aspects. Once your raid is comfortable withthem, defeating the encounter should only be a matter of time.


Heroic Mode

The Heroic mode of the Will of the Emperor encounter makes for an extremelychallenging fight, although it is not very different from the Normal modeversion.


Differences from Normal Mode

The bosses and adds all deal increased damage, and they also haveconsiderably more health. In addition to this, there are several changes inmechanics.

Each time one of the adds is killed, another add, calledTitan Sparks, will spawn at its location.The Titan Sparks fixate on random raid members, and move slowly towardsthem. When anyone comes in contact with a Titan Spark, the add willdetonate, dealing an extreme amount of Nature damage to all players within 8yards, and also buffing any bosses or adds within this radius with a 50%attack speed increase for 2 minutes. The Titan Sparks can be attackedand killed, but as we will see in the strategy section, this is highlyinefficient.


The permanent presence of the Titan Gas does not change the encountergreatly. It will merely act as a constant strain on your healers.

The changes to Devastating Combo do not affect the strategy andexecution of the encounter, either. It simply makes it somewhat harder to avoidan entire Devastating Combo, but for raids attempting this fight on Heroicmode, avoiding Devastating Combos should be second nature.

Finally, the Titan Sparks that spawn each time an add is killedconstitute a major change to the encounter. Even though they can be attackedand killed, doing so will significantly lower the amount of damage your raidcan do to the bosses and adds, and this is not a valid strategy.

Instead, certain raid members will have to run into the Titan Sparks,and detonate them. Only players who have damage immunities or large damagereductions can do this. Specifically, Paladins (using


Divine Shield),Hunters (using Deterrence), Priests (using


Dispersion), andRogues (using


Cloak of Shadows) are ideal for this task, but other classesand specs may be able to do the same.

The main source of Titan Sparks is the Emperor”s Rage adds. Becauseof the large number of Titan Sparks that these adds will generate (sincethey spawn in greater numbers than any other adds), we advise crowd-controllingseveral waves of them, and killing them together. You can then have a singleplayer detonate all the Titan Sparks by running into all of them atonce.

Given the fact that there is very little happening in the fight when thefirst wave of Emperor”s Rages spawns (no other adds are active, andneither are the bosses), you can afford to kill the Titan Sparks thatresult from the deaths of these Rages. This will allow you not to use a soakerfor them, saving their cooldown for later.

You must make sure that no Titan Sparks are detonated in the vicinity ofadds or bosses. Moreover, players on whom the Titan Sparks are fixatedmust make sure that they are not kited into other raid members.


Achievement: Show Me Your Moves!



Show Me Your Moves! achievement is part of the


Glory of the Pandaria Raider meta-achievement, which rewards you with the


Reins of the Heavenly Crimson Cloud Serpent mount. The achievement is notdifficult in itself, but it will require excellent awareness from every singleraid member.

The requirement is that every raid member uses the Opportunistic Strikeability against the bosses, after avoiding all the attacks in the sameDevastating Combo. This will obviously require a lot of concentrationfrom your raid, and it will probably take many attempts to obtain.

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Concluding Remarks

This concludes our guide for the Will of the Emperor encounter. We hope youit has proven of use to your raid in successfully completing all of Mogu”shanVaults. If you want to help us improve our guide, you can always post on ourforums or contact us by e-mail.

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