Valheim: How to Split Stacks Valheim”s inventory system requires that players manage the space and carry weight effectively, and this means learning some keyboard shortcuts.

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How to Split stacks in Valheim
Valheim is a sandbox-style, Viking-themed survival game with a huge map, tons of materials to collect, and even more things players can build. Both fortunately and unfortunately, this means that players will have to do a lot of inventory management, even after getting a Megingjord to expand carry weight.

Interacting effectively with inventory means that players will have to use shortcuts in order to make such interactions as quick as possible. One of these shortcuts is splitting stacks.

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Splitting Stacks

In order to balance keeping a Valheim player”s inventory clear and light, players will want to learn how to split stacks. Splitting stacks allows players to share some of their food and supplies with other players, NPCs like the tamed Valheim lox or wolf, or to get rid of just those few extra bars of silver that are pushing a player over the edge into the encumbered status. Splitting stacks is fairly straightforward; players just need to hover over the item they wish to split, then hold shift while clicking.

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After shift clicking, a menu will pop up, asking how the Valheim player wants to split the stack; it defaults to half of the objects or half rounded up if the stack is an uneven number. They can then use the slider bar to choose how many of the stack to split.

Uses For Splitting Stacks

Players can keep both stacks by clicking onto a blank spot in their inventory; this will keep all of the objects in the player”s inventory, but will keep the stacks separate. Clicking outside of the inventory will allow players to toss away some of their inventory, share with others, drop food on the ground to feed tamed animals, or even destroy Valheim items by throwing them into deep water.

How to Split stacks in Valheim
This is also very useful for putting half of a stack away into a storage box made from wood or made from both wood and iron which can be found in Valheim“s swamp biome. Players can move half stacks and full stacks easily between their inventory and a storage space also by CTRL-clicking on the stack to be moved.

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Since most players will not want to carry whole stacks of materials around in their inventory, learning to easily split stacks can help with inventory weight management and easy sharing. And thankfully, Valheim“s devs have made stack splitting easy and quick for its players.

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