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-Greetings to every kind of life beings in Azeroth…First of all I would like to apologize because this might seem like a topic to make a suggestion, however in view of not having an active subscription since a couple days ago, I have decided to CHANGE the simple idea of the suggestion into a discussion about it.I have already written to Blizzard this idea that I had about the movement, which actually seems to me systematic as pushing a button and being literally the “Road Runner”, without ever paying attention to the matter. Movement is an act of every living being that in “wow” exists only as abilities, aspect linked to rotations that some classes enjoy more than others. You will read below, a different perspective of the current movement that, without changing the numbers or times of the established skills, could return to us the feeling of “moving to survive”. I invite you to give it a try until you read the explanation, and all opinions are valued.Suggesting:”Run” is added to an interface action (Press key), and a “Tiredness” bar, which increases from 0 to 100% as you press, and decreasing otherwise. *At any time while the bar is between 30% and 70%, the player can stop pressing and run for free until reaching 30%; To 29% or less, the “key” must be pressed to re-run. When 100% of “Tiredness” is reached, as a penalty, the player “moves not too fast” with an intermediate speed between running and walking untill it descends to 70%.The explanation:1. This idea may sound very complex, but the game simply does not have it implemented in this way. Currently running is activated and deactivated with a single button, which does not interact with the game at any time, because it is always left “on” by default.2. About buf: A speed skill reduces the counter to 0, in other words, skips the descent through the percentage, without applying tiredness in such case, basically the work of the global CD. About debuf: A speed reduction ability freezes the bar of tiredness and affects the player, preventing to stack the penalty of 100% (does not give any advantage to the agressor) and without accumulating too the coincidences of 30% or less (Then is imposible to be over penalized).3. Character transformations, in all kinds, are affected by tiredness in the same way. In this case it can be seen as a balance in pvp environments, because if the opposing player manages his tiredness numbers well and you have neglected with your mechanics, he could equal or even surpass you, even if you have a passive increased movement.4.

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Connecting the new ‘Run’ system with penalties over dying characters is totally UNJUSTICED and only creates a double punishment, which could SENTENCING the one who still with low health has the ability to reassemble.5. If for example “tiredness” takes a minute to reach 100%, you can sacrifice 5 seconds if your rotation requires a lot of attention. If the mobility disturbs you, you can abandon it completely for 10 or 15 seconds, and the results of that decision can easily be reversed without a difference being made according to your role.6. Mounts are not affected by this system, since they run over 100% speed. In character this percentage always adapts to the player according to their level, achieving 100% common speed, without claiming superiority.7. The bar of tiredness is personal and secret for each player. ZERO ABUSE – Simple use of mechanics. Others will not notice the difference, but you do, because you control how much you move depending on how much you need. That a demonhunter stops planning for running, it does not matter, just like a caster does not take advantage often of the 70%, because he does not need it and does not affect him either. And if they bring out the subject of the caster, see: A caster that runs instead mounting before entering to the battle, if it comes out well from the initial shock, it has a good accumulation of “natural” movement that is reduced only on time.8. As it is not a passive skill but part of the natural mechanics of movement, the tiredness bar should not interrupt or affect overall reuse times.***Naturally, as can be seen in the suggestion, conscious abuse or neglect as to the tiredness meter, becomes a very unfavorable penalty that it is possible to totally avoid. Even though this idea may suggest “advantage or disadvantage”, it is simply a reinterpretation of something that countless games comparable to “wow” have, and some ones with a truly terrible interpretation.Come on, it”s not just a button! What do you think?

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