how to stop vines from growing minecraft

Đang xem: How to stop vines from growing minecraft

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New Gamerule: vineSpread

Carpenter Join Date: 9/4/2013 Posts: 66 Minecraft: Dat_EpicWither Xbox: EpicWither Member Details
Have you ever felt annoyed when Vines spread and your making a house with Vines? Then this is what the topic is about! Lets say for an example if you were making an adventure map like how Hypixel would and place Vines and you didn”t want them to spread all over your house or whatever you would make in the adventure map because that would be a use for the vineSpread gamerule!
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Make it /doPlantSpread and make it affect Mushroom spread and Grass growing into Tall Grass as well and I support.

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Instead of adding one command for each little thing you want to stop, how about one command?

/gamerule doGameTick false

This does the following: Stops vines from growingStops wheat from growingStops saplings from growingStops lava from flowingStops water from flowing, halts mob movementStops fire spread (doFireTick still available)Stops gravity blocks from falling When the command is activated set to true nothing (except mobs) will update unless physically updated (i.e the halted block is interacted with) so you can play the game without any growth problems.

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Zombie Killer Location: Montclair Join Date: 11/9/2013 Posts: 192 Minecraft: Zeitheus Member Details
I Support would be good for adventure maps and maybe /gamerule growingTick “True” “False” (vines). I thought that adding parentheses would be specifically what you want thats relating to plants to stop I also agree with Jragon14
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Good idea, but sorry, it”s been taken.
And multiple more. Sorry, redundant.
The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything. Location: St. Somewhere Join Date: 8/26/2012 Posts: 818 Minecraft: TehBrian Member Details

Make it /doPlantSpread and make it affect Mushroom spread and Grass growing into Tall Grass as well and I support.

You have 10k posts… dude! I salute you! ALL… you”ve been on the minecraft forums for how long? I think its been like 100 years or so.

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