How To Summon Mount In Wow, Can'T Figure Out How To Use My Mount

This page goes over the fundamentals of buying and riding mounts in World of Warcraftas you level up, as well asthe locations of each faction and race”s mount vendors.

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Mounts are the primary way to get around in World of Warcraft, as they increaseyour movement speed significantly. They can be used in almost all outdoorareas, except for dungeons, and there are hundreds of mounts to collect.

You will unlock the ability to ride a mount at Level 10, but you can alsounlock a special “Heirloom Mount”, the


Chauffeured Chopper byunlocking the


Heirloom Hoarder achievement, which requires you tocollect 35 different Heirloom items. This mount is slightly slower thana normal mount, but it can be used from Level 1 for a huge boost to yourearly leveling speed.


To ride your mounts, you will first need to learn the Ridingskill. This is taught by Riding Trainers around Azeroth. Below you willfind a list of the Riding Skills, where to learn them, and what they cost to learn.

Riding Skill Price Capital City Trainers What It Unlocks

Apprentice Riding (Level 10) 4 g Bralla Cloudwing (Stormwind) for Alliance // Maztha (Orgrimmar) for Horde Ground Mount Riding at 60% Speed
Journeyman Riding (Level 20) 50 Bralla Cloudwing (Stormwind) for Alliance // Maztha (Orgrimmar) for Horde Ground Mount Riding at 100% Speed
Expert Riding(Level 30) 250 Bralla Cloudwing (Stormwind) for Alliance // Maztha (Orgrimmar) for Horde Flying Mount Riding at 150% Speed
Master Riding (Level 40) 5000 Bralla Cloudwing (Stormwind) for Alliance // Maztha (Orgrimmar) for Horde Flying Mount Riding at 280% Speed

Most mounts are account-wide, so unless you are a completely new player,chances are that you will have a ground mount ready to use as soon as you reachLevel 10. If you do not yet own a mount, the easiest and cheapest ones to getearly on are going to be your racial mounts, available at specific vendorsfor your Faction. They are listed below.

To begin with, you can only buy mounts from the vendors of yourrace. You will need to achieve Exalted reputation with the other racialfactions to buy mounts from them.

Race Vendor Location Notes

Orc (Wolf Mounts) Ogunaro Wolfrunner Orgrimmar, northwestern Valley of Honor, in the stable area behind the training dummy arena
Troll (Raptor Mounts) Zjolnir Southern Durotar, in the Sen”jin Village
Blood Elf (Hawkstrider Mounts) Winaestra Eastern Eversong Woods, south-east of Silvermoon City. Location Screenshot.
Tauren (Kodo Mounts) Harb Clawhoof Central Mulgore, in the Bloodhoof Village
Undead (Skeletal Warhorse Mounts) Zachariah Post Orgrimmar, on top of the entrance gate. Can also be found in Brill, Tirisfal Glades.
Goblin (Trike Mounts) Kall Worthaton Orgrimmar, southwestern Valley of Spirits, found behind the Embassy.
Pandaren (Dragon Turtle Mounts) Turtlemaster Odai Orgrimmar, Central Valley of Honor

Race Vendor Location Notes

Human (Horse Mounts) Katie Hunter and others.

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Cheapest vendor is in Eastern Elwynn Forest, in the Eastvale Logging Camp.
Night Elf (Sabercat Mounts) Lelanai Northern Darnassus, near the bottom of the huge tree of the Cenarion Enclave.
Draenei (Elekk Mounts) Torallius the Pack Handler Just outside of the Exodar, to the left when you exit the main entrance.
Gnome (Mechanostrider Mounts) Milli Featherwhistle Central Dun Morogh, very slightly northeast of Kharanos.
Dwarf (Ram Mounts) Veron Amberstill Eastern Dun Morogh, in the Amberstill Ranch.
Worgen (Mountain Horse Mounts) Astrid Langstrump Northern Darnassus, under the Howling Oak tree.
Pandaren (Dragon Turtle Mounts) Old Whitenose North-eastern Stormwind City, on the small island between the portal area and the Embassy.

Once you reach Level 30, you will be able to upgrade your Riding skilland ride Flying Mounts. At Level 40, you will be able to upgrade thespeed of your Flying mount.

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To fly in Warlords of Draenor, Legion, and Battle for Azeroth zones,you will need to have unlocked the


Draenor Pathfinder,


Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two, and


Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part Twoachievements for their respective zones. This unlock is account-wide.

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