How To Take A Screenshot On Minecraft Xbox, Screenshotting Guide


Xbox is a video game console that is created and marketed by Microsoft Inc. This gadget is made to compete with well-known video game consoles namely PlayStation from Sony and Wii from Nintedo. The interesting features that you can get from this game console include a kinect voice commands, recording game play as well as editing and uploading. In addition to live streaming through Skitch, and a free fitness programs, playing games in this console will surely be a fun experience. Many users wants to save their game play achievements, that's why they are in search of the ways on how to on Xbox 360 and its latest version Xbox One. To learn more about this topic, you can keep reading the guide shown in this post.

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Take wtbblue.coms on Xbox 360

In capturing Xbox 360 snapshot, the most recommended way to do it by connecting your game console on computer and taking a snapshot using a reliable screen capture tool. This method will enable you to view game play right from your computer screen and use some functions of the PC at the same time. In capturing of Xbox through computer, here are the steps you should follow.


Connect your Xbox to the computer, but be sure to have a video graphic card that can support Xbox.Once connected, a signal from the Xbox 360 will be transmitted to your PC monitor. This will enable you to view your Xbox's output on the computer screen.Next, play a game that you need to take a order to take Xbox 360 wtbblue.coms, just hit the camera icon, and then drag the mouse around the portion to capture and release your mouse to confirm the image preview with a photo editor will appear wherein you can add annotations if you wish.To save the Xbox snapshot to local folder, simply click the diskette like icon.

Moreover, if you need to share your captured after you take it, then you can do it by using an amazing application called Free Image Uploader. With this uploader, you will be able to upload multiple images online and share them easily using its built-in one click sharing function. Plus, you can also share the taken on different blog sites, pages, or posts using the codes provided.

This solution works perfectly for Xbox 360, and if you're using the latest Xbox One, then you'd better use the solution below.

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How to Xbox one

Last March the makers of Xbox came up with an update that includes default screen capture app for Xbox One. So now in order to Xbox one, you can use its kinect voice detection, or just press the button navigation button on the controller. This is a great addition to this video game console since it allows gamers to share their favorite game play moments with their friends easily. Here are the steps in using this function.


Play a certain game until you reach the portion that you need to capture.The first way to do it is by saying “X-box, take a”. But be sure your software is updated and it has kinect.Another way is by double tapping the Xbox button on the game controller, and then a menu will appear on the screen. Next, select “Y” button to capture a captured images will be saved alongside your Game DVR clips and can be found under Upload folder.

In sharing the, just press the “Menu” button on the controller. Then you can select an option whether to share it on OneDrive or share it by tweeting the image via Twitter.

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Those are the best ways on how to take a on Xbox one and Xbox 360. Any of those methods that we had discussed above work well and it is up to the gamer to choose the most suitable one. But, it is advisable to use Free Online in capturing Xbox wtbblue.coms, since it is designed and created based on what user's needs.

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