How To Tame A Elephant In Minecraft, How To Tame An Elephant In Minecraft

I heard that Mojang was thinking of updating the savannas in Minecraft, so why not give them their own unique mob? There is no better option than the Elephant. Elephants would be neutral mobs and would around the size of Ghasts. Like Wolves and Dolphins, they would travel in groups and care/protect one another from external threats (Hostile mobs) and internal threats (negative potion effects). Elephants can be tamed, but they would be a BITCH to do so. In order to tame one elephant, you will need to earn the trust of EVERY SINGLE ELEPHANT in the pack, and to do so you will have to oftenly feed them leaf blocks from trees (mined with a sheer of course) and protect them from hostile mobs as well. After about 3 Minecraft days worth of being around the Elephants without causing any harm and making sure the whole pack is well fed, there will be a green sparkle effect above all of the Elephants' heads, signifying that you have earned enough trust in the whole pack for you to try and tame one of them. The next process would be the same as taming a horse at this point, except it would take a little longer. However, after a while, you've done it! The elephant has bee successfully tamed, and, CONGRATULATIONS, you have earned a powerful, heavy lifting, and resilient new friend.

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The Elephant has roughly the same speed as a jogging human and has 150 hit points uncovered. They can be equipped with double chests and ender chests and, of course, ARMOR. Like the player, Elephants will need multiple armor pieces to make a full set (I'm thinking a three piece armor set, one piece covers the head/neck, the next one would cover the body, the last one would guard the feet), however Elephant Armor would require much more resources than player armor (I'm thinking four whole 64 stacks worth of resources to complete an entire elephant armor set).

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Then, there are the mechanics of the tamed Elephants. Elephants can be equipped with THREE saddles, making them good in use in Multiplayer servers, however they can only be operated by one player. When being ridden, elephants have three unique mechanics, they can charge, stomp, and intimidate. Rather than having a jump meter like the horse and donkey elephants will have a charge meter that fills up when you hold the CTRL key, then after releasing the elephant will charge for a maximum of three seconds toward the direction they are facing. This charge will destroy everything in its path, including grass, trees, wood, stone, netherrack, and coal/iron ore, however a charge, even a fully charged one, will be stopped by redstone/diamond ore (unless equipped with iron armor, obsidian, bed rock, and lava. Mobs hit by the charge will receive a MASSIVE knock-back and will lose 20 hit points of damage if not armored, this makes for a fairly decent ally to have in a Village raid, and makes it easier to deal with ravagers. The charge attack could also make mining tunnels in Minecraft a hell of a lot easier and quicker than just mining one with a pickaxe (netherrack would be the easiest for Elephants to charge through, although recommend giving your elephant a fire resistance potion first). One last thing about the charge is that a fully charged one could have the ability to stun boss mobs, so it could also be a valiant ally when fighting either the wither or the Ender Dragon. Next is the stomp, which would be a simple and easy to avoid mechanic. Standing next an Elephant while it is sprinting will cause 5 hitpoints of damage to all mobs, and will knock them back a small amount of space. It is basically a danger if you are in the path of an Elephant. The last mechanic would be the Intimidation attack, which also happens to be your jumping. Elephants can only jump half a block high however the sudden boom and shockwave caused by the landing could cause all the mobs (except creepers) in a 15 block radius to run away or back up.

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Elephants can be most resistant to pierce attacks from other mobs and, when armored, melee attacks won't be much of a worry to either you or your heavy friend. What SHOULD BE an enormous threat to Elephants is F A L L D A M A G E. Elephants will be very sensitive to fall damage, and no amount of armor will help cushion the amount of hearts they lose if they fall from a certain height (I got this idea from the story of Hannibal and what happened when he tried to bring 40 elephants through the Alps). You must be very careful with how high you ride your Elephant towards, or else you will have to probably do another 3 Minecraft day long process.

That is all I can think about when it comes to what Elephants should be like if they were put into Minecraft. Since this is, I would love to also hear your guy's input on this. This took a day for me to think about and put together, so what else could we add? I hope you enjoyed these ideas and thank you for reading. Ciao!

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