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Goats are one of the newest additions to the Minecraft world. Goats arrived in the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update last month, alongside fellow mobs – the Glowsquid and Axolotls.

Many other changes accompanied these mobs in the latest update to Minecraft, but the mobs were among the biggest changes. Axolotls, which are based off real life amphibians, live in caves and underwater. Glowsquids live in the ocean. Goats, fittingly, live on mountains. That is until the players decide to keep one for themselves.

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Goats in Minecraft

Goats can do a lot of things. They can ram things a good distance with their horns from up to 16 blocks away, as seen in the official Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update trailer. They can jump extremely high – up to 10 blocks in the air.

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While it isn't currently part of the game yet (it's coming in a later update), they will drop goat horns when they ram into blocks or are killed by players or their tamed wolves. Most goats will flee when attacked by players, like other mobs, but sometimes, they will ram and cause damage to the player.

Goats can be milked the same way cows are milked. Using a bucket on a goat will produce milk which can be used to drink effects or potions off and to bake cakes. Goats, just like sheep and cows, will follow players that are within ten blocks that hold wheat. They are also bred with wheat. If they can be bred, that begs the question – can they be tamed?

Minecraft goats. Image via Rock Paper Shotgun

No. Unlike wolves and cats, goats can't be tamed. They won't become docile pets for the players like wolves, cats and even foxes can. They're just like the other mobs, like pigs, cows or sheep, that can be bred but not tamed, per se.

They can and will follow the player, though. If a player wants to keep a goat, it can be put on a lead. It can also be put in a fence like other mobs, but with one important caveat: they can jump out.

Goats. Image via Sportskeeda

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As mentioned, they can jump up to ten blocks in the air, which is well above the height of a fence block. They will need to be entirely caged in in order to be kept by the players or just simply put on a lead, but that limits how far they can go severely.

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