There are many kind of different points for players to do in Minecraft, including taming wild pets that can be found in the game. One of the kinds of creatures that deserve to be found in Minecraft are polar bears, so of course players desire to train them. However before, that isn’t as simple a job as it sounds. If you’re hoping to discover and also tame a polar bear in Minecraft, you’ve pertained to the appropriate area, as we’re going to walk you through the entire procedure from start to end up.Once you’re finishing discovering just how to tame polar bears, take a look at our Minecraft web page for various other clues, tips, and fun Easter eggs.

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Wright here have the right to you discover Polar Bears in Minecraft?

As you could suppose, polar bears spawn in cold areas in Minecraft. This suggests you deserve to find them in snowy tundra, snowy hill, and also ice spikes biomes, and frozen rivers, frozen oceans, and also deep-frozen oceans. Polar bears have the right to be alone or in little groups. It is ideal to look for polar bears that are alone, because groups of even more than two will encompass a cub, which provides the bears dangerous.Unlike many mobs, polar bears can be in three unique claims. Polar bear cubs are constantly passive, adult polar bears are typically neutral, and also adult polar bears will become hostile mobs if you strike a cub. This suggests that once you execute find a polar bear, you need to be mindful before approaching them to make sure it isn’t a dangerous situation.

What do polar bears eat in Minecraft?

Polar bears eat Raw Fish. You will want to have actually several Raw Fish with you if you’re planning to feed and also tame a polar bear using the method defined listed below. It must be especially a Raw Fish, not any kind of various other type of fish. In addition, Polar Bears will certainly just eat Raw Fish while you’re taming them.

How perform you feed a polar bear in Minecraft?

To feed a polar bear, you will certainly have to have actually the Raw Fish in your hotbar and also choose it so that you are holding it. Walk up to the polar bear with the Raw Fish schosen. The final action to feed a polar bear counts on your variation of Minecraft:Pocket Edition – move cursor over the polar bear and also pick “Feed”Java Edition, Windows 10 Edition, or Education Edition – right-click the polar bearXbox 360 and Xbox One versions – push LTPS3 and PS4 versions – push L2Wii U or Switch – press ZLThe polar bear need to eat the Raw Fish, and also one Raw Fish will certainly disshow up from your hotbar.

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How to tame a polar bear in Minecraft

There is no official method to tame polar bears in Minecraft the way you can tame other pets. However before, there are two various workarounds you deserve to use to tame a polar bear.

Method 1 – Name Tag

The name tag is a things that can be offered on any type of Minecraft mob other than for ender dragons and also players in order to name the mob and proccasion it from despawning.Steps:Get a Name Tag. They can be discovered in chests, from fishing, or from trading.Locate a polar bear in one of the icy biomes. Make sure it is alone.Rename the Name Tag to the name you want to offer to your domesticated polar bear.Approach the polar bear with the Name Tag selected.Use the Name Tag on the polar bear.Now the polar bear will have the name you assigned to the Name Tag and will never before despawn. Because lone polar bears are neutral mobs, it will certainly not attack you. You have the right to usage a cause take your polar bear with you or construct an enclocertain for it.

Method 2 – Pocket Edition Addon

Minecraft Pocket Edition enables players to create addons that deserve to be downloaded to include unique results to your game. One of the the majority of popular is the Tameable Polar Bears Addon.Steps:Downpack the Tameable Polar Bears Addon.Install the addon following the instructions at the official website. This process varies depending upon the system you are playing Minecraft Pocket Edition on.Get some Raw Fish.Locate a polar bear in one of the icy biomes. Make certain it is alone.Approach the polar bear with Raw Fish selected in your hotbar.Feed the polar bear.Keep feeding it until hearts appear over its head.Now the polar bear will certainly be tame. You have the right to ride it or usage a cause take it through you. Tamed polar bears will strike hostile mobs in order to safeguard you.

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Depfinishing on the variation of Minecraft you have, those are currently the only means to tame a polar bear. In the future, probably taming polar bears will be added as an main attribute.

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