How To Teleport Items In Minecraft, Tutorials/Command Blocks And Functions

Minecraft allows players to travel from one place to another. Continue reading to learn how to teleport in Minecraft to instantly travel to a specific location.

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Getting lost in Minecraft can be quite annoying irrespective of whether you are in a single player world or a multiplayer world. And while it can be a frustrating experience, there are times when it can also be deadly. So, let us take a look at how you can easily travel to a specific location in the game. The steps below workfor desktops.

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How to teleport in Minecraft on PC?

Step 1: Launch Minecraft on your computer and choose a world that you wish to load.

Step 2:Click on the 'Single player' option, and select the creative world to load. A new world can also be loaded by selecting the 'Create New World' option that isat the bottom of the screen.

The creative world should have the cheats enabled.

Step 3:Click on 'Play Selected World' option to load the selected world. While creating a new world, you need to ensure that you choose'Creativemode'. Now, you need to click on the 'Create New World' option again to load the world.

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Step 4:In this step, you need to determine the place that you wish to teleport to.The game has different coordinates (X, Y, and Z) which help in finding the location of a specific player. The 'X' coordinate is the position which is to the east or west of the spawn point. The 'Z' coordinate is the position which is to the north or south of the spawn point. The 'Y' coordinate is an elevation which is right above the bedrock.

Y:63 is thesea levelYour current coordinates in Minecraft can be seenby pressing the keys – F3,Fn+F3 for Windows and Mac, orAlt+Fn+F3 if you are on newer Mac systems.

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Step 5:Load the console byusing the '/' key on your keyboard.

Step 6:Once you are in the teleport command, you need totype in 'teleport name x y z' into the console. You have toreplacethe 'name' with your username, 'X' needs to be replaced with east/west coordinate to where you wish to travel, 'Y' with the vertical coordinate, and 'Z'with north/south coordinate.

Here's what the command might look like -/teleport mineuser 0 23 65

When you select a positive value for 'X' and 'Z', the distance will rise towards the east or south. On the other hand,when you usea negative value, the distance will rise towards the west or north.

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Step 7:Once you are done, you need to hit 'Enter'. This will teleportyour character to the selected coordinates.

How to teleport players in Minecraft

Minecraft also allows teleporting a player to a player. Here's an example of a command you can use to do so:

To teleport Chris to Shane, use the command/teleport Chris Shane

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