Minecraft: How To Teleport Mobs In Minecraft : How To Teleport To Coordinates

Minecraft: How to Teleport to Coordinates There are lots of commands in Minecraft, but being able to teleport around the world in an instant is one of the most useful of them.

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Using Teleportation in Minecraft
In Minecraft, there are many commands that players can use to generate items and change the world around them. One of the commands that players use in most versions of the game lets them teleport themselves or Minecraft mobs to a new location.

Unlike many other commands in Minecraft, players can use this command on themselves or mobs and players to move to generated, as well as not-yet-generated, locations. Players can use teleportation if they have OP permissions. This allows players to remove threats by teleporting them away, joining friends by zooming to their locations, or even just wanting to generate and explore new locations in their Minecraft seed.

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Versions With Teleportation

Most, but not all, platforms and versions of Minecraft allow for teleporting. Pocket, Java, Bedrock, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Windows 10, and the Education edition all allow for OP players to use /teleport in their seeds. However, those still playing on the Wii U, PS3, or Xbox 360 will not be able to use it.

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Minecraft Gaia Dimension mod biomes view

Commands to Teleport in Java Edition

In order to teleport to a new or old location, players using the Java edition of Minecraft can use:


If players want to teleport someone or something else, they just need to add the target tag to the command.


Commands to Teleport in the Bedrock Edition

Those using the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft will have to be a little more exact to get their target where it needs going. First, they will need x, y, and z coordinates for where they want to go or where they want to send another target.

teleport teleport  

Players can also add a onto the end of that command to ensure that players don”t teleport inside of blocks and die.

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There are many uses for teleportation commands that players can use to manipulate their Minecraft seed. However, players should be careful of spelling and accuracy when using teleporting; it is easy to end up teleporting into the sky and dying from falling damage if players are not careful. Also there are a variety of things that may make the teleportation command not work at all, like:

If a player misspelled a location or target name.If players try to send entities to the same location as another entity, but that entity is not online or there are multiple instances of that entity.If the coordinates of the location is higher than x <-30000000, 30000000), or y <-20000000, 20000000).

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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