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So i came on a little while ago and asked for some suggestions on a modpack, people were very helpful and i settled on the lite 3 pack :). I have just finished setting up the server provided from : and have port forwarded it and everything seems to be ticking along. However it mentions i can choose how much RAM to allocate to my server. How do i go about doing that? The page says to edit the .bat file used to start the server but when i go into that it is a wall of text and symbols and i have no idea what it means! Is there a simple way someone could explain as to how i can allocate the ram? I have tried to look online but all the explanations are from several years ago and deal with outdated server folders.

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If you dont feel comfortable reading and editing .bat files you may want to look into using a server manager. I use minecraft server dashboard. Its pretty simple, you past the exe into the server folder (the one with the .bat file) and run. At first run its going to ask you which version of minecraft to use, select the forge one. You can then point to what world you want to load, or generate a new world. For modpacks ive had better luck generating the world in ssp then copying the world folder to the server, that way I know my terrain generation options are going to take.

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I will try that, I want to keep the current world because we had to restart as I started it vanilla, didn't notice, and we rebuilt everything in the new world on creative, so would be sad to do that again! will try to import and if it doesnt work will create new! thanks!

Hey thanks! that works a treat, and i kept my old world and everything seems to be working well!! Thanks a ton kind stranger ! 😀

My server has started to die for some reason… I can no longer connect to it, it worked fine this morning but when i just tried to connect on my own now its giving me issues. The server wont stop when i tell it to stop, it simply says the dashboard is asking the server to stop then it just sits there for 10 minutes and nothing happens.. and i'm getting errors that my connection is timing out when i try to connect to the server i'm hosting on my own computer! Do you know what's causing this?

It all boils down to the java parameter “-Xmx”, which sets the maximum heap size and goes anywhere between java and -jar.

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If you use a start script (.bat/.sh), you'll have to search for the line that eventually invokes java.

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