Jax Minecraft Tip #27: How To Tell Time In Minecraft, F3 Shows The In

Same value used for the /time command. (0 at dawn, 6000 at midday, 12000 at dusk, 18000 at midnight)

Would be a useful addition for players who live in caves and want to know if it is okay to surface or not.

Đang xem: How to tell time in minecraft

I guess it makes a clock useless, but F3 showing the coordinates makes compasses useless, and this would be no different.


We already have clocks that can be crafted and mounted on walls to tell time. We shouldn't be actively adding features to the F3 debug menu that undercut itemes and game mechanics we already have in survival mode.

If you read the 3rd line of the post, I told my justification. Besides that, anyone who is playing 100% true survival minecraft shouldn't be using the F3 menu. It would a helpful addition for people outside of the survival realm as well.

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Maps and compasses give a limited approximation of the player's location, as clocks does for time. We currently have the absolute position(coordinates) and orientation given to us in the in the F3 menu, so why not the absolute time?

Also, F3 is a debug menu, it's a tool used to break the fourth wall for the purpose of giving modders, mapmakers and the developers something to retrieve information from. It's not primarily intended(that's not to say that it isn't or can't be used) for those that want to play vanilla(or even modded) minecraft.

It's kind of funny, I was literally thinking about this earlier today, and the thought of making a post about it even crossed my mind (I almost immediately disregarded that thought for a number of reasons though). This would be especially great for map makers, server runners, and anyone who uses commands, as you could use F3 to tell what time corresponds to what number. However, it might not be as useful for telling time with any context however, unless it also said what that number means, such as day or dawn, etc.

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I like this idea, but as others have said it would invalidate the clock, so I think that on general F3 should be changed so that it can only be used in cheat enabled worlds and by server OPs, or perhaps configurable in the world options

Or, instead of messing with the F3 overlay, just output the current time when the /time command is run without arguments.


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