How To Throw Tnt In Minecraft (With Pictures), Throwing Tnt

An idea I thought up when I looked at whoever”s “Grenades?” thread.I just made this picture to show what I mean. (Got the “Throwing Dynamite” picture somewhere off the internet.)


It looks like each TNT has 12 sticks to it, so if you have 10 TNT bundles, the normal TNT we have now, you would have 12 times that, or 120 sticks of Throwing Dynamite. That seems like a lot, so it could probably be cut off at about 30. Or whatever Notch wanted it to be, if this idea was ever used.The picture basically sums up anything else I can say here.Except that throwing dynamite would be less effective for mining, and more effective for killing mobs. And it would add to the fun of TNT.Thoughts?

Yeah, I just remembered that you can”t just lock onto one object, you scroll to all of them, so CTRL+Scroll would be a good idea, I think.TAB wouldn”t be, because that”s the arrow firing button, like you said, Malcovent.But that would be unrealistic, to have throwing dynamite in one hand and still be able to fire arrows, so TAB might be the more logical choice, but more troublesome, in the way that you would have to select out of the throwing dynamite to shoot arrows, so as not to waste your dynamite.

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Just shorten the range that you can build dynamite to like 1 block infront of you, and then make any other left clicks throw it.



Wouldn”t this just work, if we were able to throw all blocks, by selecting “throw” mode instead by pressing “q”.

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I think the throw mode is a better idea than ctrl. But it would remove the point of arrows, wouldn”t it? Maybe throwing dynamite could be a totally different block than normal dynamite, and you could craft throwing dynamite from dynamite and string or something.
Why not have a secondary mode? Like, hit 1 on your keyboard to throw arrows, hit 2 to throw blocks. Switch a block into your hand and hit tab (or whatever arrow fire key is) if the mode is set to 1, it throws an arrow, if it”s 2 it throws a block.

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Function buttons for weapon selection?Everybody always underestimates the function buttons, but games like Bioshock put em to good use. I propose they be used the same way in Minecraft.

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