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HELLO GAMERS! ok, so how many of you have a village near your base that is empty because the villagers got killed by pillagers? or zombies? Or they just weren”t there to start with? When I started playing minecraft I was spawned a couple blocks away from a village that was empty. Which sick because I couldn”t trade. So, in todays blog post I”m going to show you how you can transport villagers from village to village using survival, creative or cheats.Survival:To transport villagers to your village using survival:Go to a village that has villagersonce the villager gets inside the boat, row back to your original villagePut the villager in a house (or else they freak out and try to run away) inside the house add the items the villager needs… you know food, work stuff, bed etc)
I did this survival method once and when I got to my original village I was having problems getting the villager out. So I had the bright idea to run and ring the bell so the villager can get out the boat themselves. So I ran out the boat and when I got back a drowned got inside the boat and killed the villager that was inside :(.

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If you don”t mind going in creative mode during your survival game… here”s how you can take villagers back to your empty village.
*just a quick disclaimer before we start, if you go on creative when you”re in survival you can not… I repeat CAN NOT earn achievements after.
Go to a village that has villagersGrab a boat and put it in front of the villager until they go inGrab a lead (leash) and use it on the boatFly away… but do it carefully and slowly because if you go fast the lead breaks and the villager falls to their death.When you get to the village put the villager into a house until like a day passes because they freak out and want to go back
Trust me, if you do this method please go slow because one of my villagers fell to their death due to the fact that I was going really fast.

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Also, side note…. the version of minecraft I”m using is bedrock I believe… so I don”t know if it also works with Java.

If you don”t mind using cheats in your games then here”s an even quicker way to fill your empty village…
Go to the chat box and type /summon villager after you”ve done that press enter.If you did this correctly you will see the message “object successfully summoned” or “villager successfully summoned”on the screen.

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hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and found it helpful. If you need help I”m more then happy to help or if you just wanna chat minecraft follow me and message me on my social medias. Link to everything is on the right hand sidebar.


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