How To Turn Off Cave Sounds In Minecraft ? : Minecraft How Do You Turn Off The Cave Ambience

The Ambient Cave noises are just plain creepy, plus they show up all the time, even in worlds without caves! They do not add anything to the playing experience other than occasional terror, and are unnecessary, so they should simply be removed.

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Very true. The cave noises are just disturbing and annoying. When you”re playing really late it can scary the daimonds outta you. Please remove!

I agree with removing cave noises from worlds without caves, though I do believe that ambient cave noises should still remain within the caves. What I do suggest is that changes these to sound more realistic, such as water dripping, air whistling, etc. The eerie noises just don’t make the cut

This is a awesome Idea! Cave sounds are really creepy and are annoying. One time I was looking for buried treasure and a cave sound popped out of nowhere and it really creeped me out.

If anything, there should be more cave ambience sounds. I would love to hear dripping, echoes, Weird distorted sounds. Of course more cove sounds will hopefully be added as part of a CAVE UPDATE

Removing them is not necessary, but being able to disable or turn down cave sounds specifically (instead of all ambience), especially when building, would be rather nice. I do quite enjoy the more realistic of the cave sounds, though.

I strongly disagree. Sure, there is a problem that needs to be fixed with them playing while outside caves, but I think these noises need MORE attention. I propose we add them into Bedrock, too.

Its an option to cut them off and on bedrock they dont even have cave sounds anymore this complaint is pointless and already has a solution

I Agree about Ambience Cave sound effect could you please Remove that annoying Cave sound effect.While Im mining in cave cave sound getting make me Scared and Quit quickly without Quit and save This is why Im quit in many kids are afraid when they heard cave sound effect they are scared sometimes they are screaming and Tell Their parents “Mommy theirs something inside my”.

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I think they should put an option in the sound board to turn them down, because when you make your house on top of a mineshaft by accident its VERY annoying

I actually think mojang should keep them but make a option in the settings about turn off the cave sounds

They give my Anxiety, and make me just NOT want to go in caves, this post is good, though I don”t want them removed, just able to be turned off

I agree, but it would be hard if Mojang decides they only play in caves, as that would be troubling for them. People have stated that they want them to play only in caves, but personally, if they were to do that, they mind as well flat out remove them. They add nothing into the game unless Mojang wants to add a creature that makes those sounds that you can find. Then they would have some sort of purpose, and they would play only when you”re near the creature. Anyways, back to point, remove them.

I”m not scared, they”re just utterly useless.

I love them to the point of wanting Mojang to add MORE! is supposed to be a scary game. Survival ain”t fun, it”s terrifying. You are the only human who”s trying to survive away from all these hostile creators that want you dead, You enter a dark cave and generally don”t know what to expect, so You start hallucination weird sounds because of your fear. Noises here and there, wanting to come after you. That”s what I call survival.

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Cave Ambient noises are scary because caves should feel scary, The entire point of Cave Ambient noises is giving off AMBIENT to caves which makes them feel the way they should feel (creepy)So removing them because of your “unique” reasons does not make sense, Since you can already disable them on java.

Anyways, Even tho I like the noises, I sincerely suggest to mojang to add the ability to disable the creepy scary herobrine sounds on bedrock because of personal reasons (plz mogang add also kaiv opdait lul)

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