How To Turn Off Name Tags In Minecraft Java Edition, Option To Turn Off Name

Back on console editions of we had the option to disable gamertags from the options menu, only the host was able to do this and it would also result in map icons to disappear as well. There are tons of map makers that would like to have this option because seeing your friends gamer tag while trying to hide from them or running from them ruins the experience.


Seeing how this is here. I guess you don”t know that there is already a feature that does this called “In-game Player Names” in video settings. You can toggle it on or off to view player nametags. You can remove this post now.

Đang xem: How to turn off name tags in minecraft

I think he means forall players because now you can only do it for yourself. This means the other players can see your gamertag but you can”t see theirs.

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This would make the game more fun when u want to be more warlike and make elaborate bases to hid stuff. U wont be able to hide anything when an enemy player can see u from a big distance

I too would like this feature to become a reality as playing pvp maps with friends makes it hard to play as you know where each other is at all times due to gamer tags and maps. So the ability to turn off all gamer tags for all players, including the markers on the maps would be great!

You cant make your create a game like hide and seek or town of salem/werewolves it sucks just to make everybody. Invisible so i would love this in thr game.

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Yeah, it”s just annoying when friends want to know where you”re at 24/7 and then build stuff near you that you would rather not be there. This feature would be nice for those who favor living alone in Mc.

Why don”t you guys add the teams scoreboard feature for bedrock edition theyes have that in Java and it allows players to remove nametags. Or the tags or game rules. Pls I really needed this because whenever I play hide and seek they always find me

Definitely it doesn’t hurt anyone to have this feature as it is optional. As someone who plays PVP survival that was one of the biggest reasons I held out on the old version for so long (then more features made that version to irrelevant). It was great when you’d actually have to watch and make sure no one is coming but now all you have to do is look at your map (that you can make really small) and see exactly where someone is. I really hope they make this change

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