How To Turn Off Natural Mob Spawning In Minecraft 1, How To Turn Off Only Natural Mob Spawns

I want to be able to play survival mode on 1.8.0(with mods) without hostile mobs spawning but with hunger going down. Basically, I want the mobs to act like peaceful mode, but everything else to act like normal mode.

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Found on the wiki:

doMobSpawning — Whether mobs should naturally spawn

=> /gamerule doMobSpawning false

There is no command to disable spawning of a specific mob, nor all hostiles one; you might achieve your result with some server configuration.

Minecraft peaceful mode: spawn hostile mobs, give them creative mode AI

The answer to this question might be useful to you though.


It”s not strictly ideal, but you could have a group of repeating commandblocks (1 for each mob to block) either setting the mob”s AI to false (so they won”t move/attack), or straight up killing them. If you didn”t want the drops, you could tp them to some negative y-value such that they despawn before they die.

For example, stopping all Creepers from moving and attacking:



I found a way to do something similar. It won”t stop mobs from spawning but the second they spawn they will die.

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You first give yourself a command block. Then, type this command:

eThis example will kill zombies.

Set the command block to repeat and always active.

You can type any mob name in place of the word zombie but you have to individually put in a command block for each mob.


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