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Have you ever been inconvenienced by someone playing in the same world like you to the point where you want them gone? Banning can be the solution. But, what if you accidentally ban someone by mistake and want to unban them? The solution can quickly become the problem. In this article, we shall discuss how exactly you can ban/unban people in Minecraft and how it can be convenient for you to learn both.


You will need your own Minecraft Server as well as the SMpicnic control panel to control the status of players within the said server. Access to the site can be gained here: SMpicnic Control Panel | ServerMiner

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Requirements to ban/unban in Minecraft

How to Ban or Unban Someone on Minecraft Server

When banning or unbanning a player on Minecraft Server, you can either do it by entering the username of the player or by IP of the player.

Player Ban/ Unban Using Name:


First, you are going to want to access your SMpicnic control panel and then press on the console tab.

How to ban/unban someone on Minecraft

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From there it's a simple matter of entering a person's username in the command bar and putting ban or pardon in front of their name to either ban or unban them from the server that they have access to.

How to ban/unban someone on Minecraft

Player Ban/ Unban Using IP:

If you wish to ban someone using an IP then you need to once again access your console command bar through the same program of SMpicnic and input their username along with their Gamertag or username. It goes a bit like this.

Player Ban Unban Using IP

Unbanning someone’s IP is more less the same, but this time you replace the world ban with pardon.

Viewing Ban list

Player Bans

If you want to see just a player who is banned regardless of their IP, input the following command based solely on their username.

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Command: /banlist player

IP Bans

If you desire to see someone who is banned from your server, you only need to go into your console command section to type in the following command:

Command: /banlist ips


Q. Is there a way to ban a player without kicking them?


Q. Do I have to provide a reason for banning or unbanning?

So long as you are the one in control of the server no.

Video Guide

If you want to see a more simplified or varied version of banning or unbanning people on Minecraft then this video can be just what you need:


Your banning tools can be a very useful tool to wield when trying to maintain the type of atmosphere you desire in your server or for those who are purposefully griefing you and those in your world. Just be sure to use such a tool wisely and when you need it.

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