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Sometimes banning a player is essential for others to enjoy gaming in a more comfortable environment until issues are resolved. And the player can later be unbanned in Minecraft.

Banning or blocking players can happen for any reason. However, there are times where problems are finding solutions, and the party can either unban or unblock the player.

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Blocking and unblocking a player is a relatively easy process that will be covered briefly at the start of this article. The rest of this article will go over banning and unbanning a player on a Minecraft server.

Blocking and unblocking players in Minecraft

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Players who are not operating a server in Minecraft will be blocking or unblocking someone.

To block someone, players need to pause the game they are playing. Pausing the game will show everyone on the map on the far right side of the screen.

Players must select the Gamertag of the player being blocked to show a screen similar to the image shown above. They should then select the “Block” switch to block or unblock another player.

Banning and unbanning players in Minecraft

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Banning someone in Minecraft would be referring to banning someone from a Minecraft server.

For a player to ban someone from their server, they will need to go into the server's commands. Players banning someone via a console will still need to enter the website that the server is operated through. And giving a reason for banning a player is always optional.

Some commands are supported through different editions of Minecraft. For example, the command for banning a player through Java will look like the following example.

Example: “/ban GamerTag123 too good at Minecraft”

Banning a player in Minecraft Java Edition for a reason will look like the following example.

Example: “/ban GamerTag123 Minecraft wizard”

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Servers in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition run off of outside sources in Minecraft realms. Due to controversy regarding the community guidelines and the banning process, it isn't recommended to ban a player. Instead, players can consider blocking as an alternative.

The command for unblocking a player replaces the word “ban” with “pardon.” An example of the pardoning command can be found below.

Example: “/pardon GamerTag123”

Banning or blocking someone in Minecraft can assist with issues involving a problematic player. Regardless of the situation, players should know how to block, unblock, ban, and unban someone in Minecraft.

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