How To Undo Something In Minecraft Suggestions, Can You Undo Minecraft Commands

/Undo something is useful if you made a mistake using /fill or anything else because. . . Its anoying when you do the command wrong and can't undo it! Sometimes when you do /fill x y z minecraft:air minecraft air and you forgot to do something after that like /fill x y z minecraft:air 0 replace minecraft:iron. . . Then all things you have done will be gone!


Learn to make backups.

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This isn't a feature you'd just add in there – it'd take a whole bunch of memory, slow down every single command you ever run not to mention a huge amount of effort to implement… just generally a bad idea.

What they need to do is add a button in the single player menu, that makes a backup for you, and puts it in a backups folder. Possibly renames it to; “WorldName_DD_MM_YY”

sorry Sliced_lime, i guess i need to know how much things worth now 🙂 (memory and coding stuff), big fan 2 m8 with ur vids

Nice one, let's all copy our worlds, before editing them, i'm sure, this would take less space then an ingame entries for the /undo.

I'd love this– sometimes I feel like I'm playing “map maker” on hardcore with runaway fills. Even just an /unsave command that reloads what's saved on disk (without first saving what's in memory) would go a long way. /reload is already taken, woo hoo.

That could be an interesting idea. Servers already have commands to control when saves happen; the same level of control plus a /revert commands could effectively work as an undo, where we turn off saving before making large changes, and revert if it goes wrong.

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Definitely wouldn't want all the extra lag of having to store large amounts of data in memory for all the command stuff I make. It'd probably have to be an optional argument at the end of the command (, default: false), but I'm not sure if that'd work with the current /fill syntax.

Might also confuse people if some commands can be undone but not others (/setblock? /blockdata? /entitydata?) and it wouldn't really be feasible to make all commands undo-able.

Taking backups would probably be the best option for now.

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Make it only the user of /undo is undoing his/her commands, without interferring commandblocks and other players.would be a shame, when it gets implemented and the first bug appearing would be a random repeating commandblock spaming the /undo entries.

Nopenopenopenopenopenopenopenope. This'd be so hard to do. The game'd need to store all the changes you made, and how would it do so?

OK OK! I get it if someone saying nope because of the time and effort would be so hard. . . So…. sorry T_T


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