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Kings” Rest is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Zuldazar on the continent of Zandalar in the World of Warcraft game. The level range for the normal dungeon is 110-120. The dungeon contains 4 bosses. The end boss of Kings” Rest is The Golden Serpent.

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When Battle for Azeroth first came out, King”s Rest was a mythic only dungeon. It was the Horde counterpart to the Siege of Boralus mythic only dungeon. The dungeon has since become available at heroic level since.

It is not an easy to reach location due to it being at the back of the castle grounds. You can step into the wrong dungeon, that is Atal”Dazar by accident if you are not careful enough. To get here, the best way is to fly over the entrance to Atal”Dazar and head to the back of the castle grounds.

The Alliance have a secret camp called the Veiled Grotto which is to the west of the Atal”Dazar fight point for the Horde. You should be careful when making your way that you don”t stray into the Alliance camp by accident.

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It Belongs In A Mausoleum!

Find four ancient trinkets located round the dungeon.

First – First room in the dungeon, behind the sarcophagus, underneath the baskets. Second – In the 1st Boss Hallway, at the end of the platform, behind the last set of stairs. Third – In the room with the pots, you need to be knocked by the blue monster so you end up on a shelf where the trinket is. Fourth – Located behind the final boss room, at end of stairs, at the top of the right pillar.

List of Kings' Rest Dungeon Bosses

Those marked with an asterisk (*) have achievement descriptions with their tactics.

Kings' Rest Location


Kings' Rest Entrance


List of Mount(s) Obtainable From Kings' Rest

MountMount TypeAchievement / Boss Drop
Tomb Stalker Raptor King Dazar


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