How To Use A Tesseract Minecraft, How Do You Use Tesseract Channels

I'm just getting started messing around with tesseracts, and I think they're awesome. I get the basic concept, but I wonder if people would share different approaches to using channels. What sorts of things do you have channels for? What are some gotchas you found for organizing your channels?


I tend to use just one channel for energy and items, and then one channel for just energy, and just add on more channels for certain item specific things (quarries, auto crafting, etc) then any fluids I use ender tanks for.

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In late game, I usually use Tesseracts for everything to minimize the amount of pipes. I actually found it to be performance friendly too, but I might be wrong here.

I always have one channel for my main power source, be it coal powered or anything else. Items/fluids go out, power goes in. All the power goes to my power storage, which leads to the second frequency I always use, which is from the battery into any sort of automated mining. Power goes out, items go in, usually to some sort of input chest for whatever sorting system I use. All other frequencies are either for fluid distribution (I prefer to have 1 frequency for each fluid, as I connect my Tesseracts directly to fluid storage, but that's not necessary) or item suppliers for certain tasks.

Many things go together alot, so I use 1 channel for them. Good example would be mob essence with energy and LXP with item input. Other than that, just spam channels. Tesseracts are dirt cheap actually.

I don't have the mod that includes tesseracts but I do use Ender IO Dimensional Transceivers, which I believe is similar.

So far, I use them to send power from my currently-main-base to my previous-main-base, which is only needed because I put a Galacticraft Teleporter between the two and they always suck power.

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I also have on hooked up to a quarry, sending power to it and getting the resources back to my main base. It's not as fast as I'd like it but it works 🙂

In the future I'll probably use it to power more bases that are located on the Galacticraft planets.

I separate things based on groups. Say I'm using a tesseract with my big reactor, I'll make all the big reactor related channels on 200-299. If I'm using them for my AE system, I'll use 300-399 and so on.

This way I can keep related channels grouped together instead of setting some to 1, others to two and three, then I have one closely related to 1 so I have to use 4. It's a mess

I typically use 2 main channels and then add specific channels from there.

The first channel is usually names something like “Raw Power”. It's connected directly to my power generation (reactor, dynamos, generators, whatever) and receives items to a sorting system to get rid of cobblestone and the like. I use it for mining lasers, quarries, and anything that's a power hog or I want to filter the item input.

The other main channel is something like “Stable Power”. It's hooked up to the output from my power storage setup and has a direct item feed to a storage system. I use it for systems that I need running at all times or that need to be the last to shut down (AE network, sorting, and anything that might spew blocks all over the ground).

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The side benefit is that I can have my power storage separated from my power generation by any distance. I don't have to look at capacitor banks or wiring from generators. Put a tesseract on the generator then one on each side of the storage and I have a very clean system with nearly unlimited throughput.

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