How To Use Controller On Minecraft Pe (2019) Also Works With Duelshock4

I”ve been searching mojang forums, nothing, videos online show this random controller, and some are on something different than iOS. Can somebody help me?

Here are some of the videos that I watched:

Đang xem: How to use controller on minecraft pe


You need a Bluetooth controller to connect it to your phone or tablet, most games aren”t compatible with this setup though I believe Minecraft is.



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Press the small button on the top of your Xbox Controller, (It must be a wireless Controller) until the light on your controller starts flashing. This means that its now available to any other devices that are compatible with the controller. Once the light is flashing, open the settings app on your Ipad (or Iphone) then go to the Bluetooth tab. When you open the tab, look for a option that says, “Xbox Wireless Controller” then tap it. It should connect to your controller and the flashing will stop. When you open Minecraft, it should be ready to play with your controller. Have fun!


I watched a video that said to press the small button to the right of the left bumper on the top of the controller. Currently, it’s not working for my iPad, but it might help.

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