How To Use /Locate Minecraft 1.11, How To Use The Locate Command

I would like to find and explore some Minecraft structures, like Temples, Dungeons and more. My current way if finding these is to go straight and look around while walking. This isn”t very efficient, as I find only few to none buildings each trip.

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How can I effectively find generated structures? I don”t mind using commands.


Minecraft 1.11 and 1.12 feature a new command: /locate:

This command returns the closest structure of the type you entered. The syntax is:

/locate Here is some more information about the command, taken from the Minecraft Wiki

Accepts: EndCity, Fortress, Mansion, Mineshaft, Monument, Stronghold, Temple and Village.

Desert temples, Jungle temples, Witch huts and Igloos all go under the Temple category.

Pushes coordinates for the closest structure of given type in the chat for the player who executed the command.

Returns the message “Located at “.

Will display the Y coordinates as “(y?)” for some structures



If you have the seed that was used to generate your world, you can use to get a map of your world, and optionally show locations where villages, temples, ocean monuments and similar are generated.

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If it”s a local game, you can just upload your level.dat file (it”s in the saved game directory), no need to look up the seed yourself.

If it”s a game on a server, you might be able to get the seed using /seed, however, most server owners disable that command to prevent players from cheating. With a local game, /seed works as well, even without cheat mode, so you can use this as well if you don”t want to upload the level.dat file or can”t find it.

CAD97 commented that there”s another tool Amidst that does the same thing locally so you don”t need an internet connection.


If you play on a world with achievements, like on Bedrock, and you don’t want to use cheats or creative, copy your world, and go into creative or cheats to locate a structure. Although this isn’t foolproof, as sometimes chunks that have not yet been generated might come out differently.

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Mineatlas and chunkbase are two good programs…..If you use mods and have Forge installed Voxelmap, Rei”s minimap, or Xaero”s minimap are great mods another mod is Finder compass…..some still need to be updated Another way is start a copy of your seed turn on cheats start the world type / gamemode c to enter creative drink a night vision potion type /gamemode sp to enter spectator mode fly till you find structures on surface enter creative write co-ordinates. To find underground structures (mineshafts dungeons fortress) just fly through the ground spectator mode will enter xray vision mode when structure found return to surface enter creative write co-ordinates. save game re load your regular game go to co-ordinates of structures….If playing on a server you will need to get permissions from host or get seed # from host to make copy of world.

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