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So, I have been playing Crash Landing and noticed one thing tends to be a pain. In order to make anything I need the PCB which requires me to make plastic, compressed iron, transistors, capacitors, and the empty PCB. However for every single one of these, I have to go to my interface and change the filter so that I can do each individual one. It's not horrible to do, but it can be a pain. I was wondering if anyone knew any methods for getting rid of this hassle since I do not know PneumaticCraft very well.

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My main example is I could throw compressed iron on my item filter, but then when I need a PCB (compressed iron and plastic) then I have to change that filter because if I don't my compressed iron will just exit and won't craft the PCB.


Make more than one pressure chamber. Use one for compressed iron, plastic and similar and another one for capacitors, transistors and pcbs (or something along those lines, I'm not sure of the exact recipes but I think it is something like that).

Actually, all the plastics wouldn't fit on the filter, so you'd need to make another pressure chamber just for them.

Didn't play with PneumaticCraft much, but if everything else fails, make more machines. Also, I think, filter can accept more than one item.

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You can use the item filter, rather than the string filter. What I do is fill the string filter with a couple letters that I knew wouldn't be matched, such as “hjx”, then would pop my items in. I go work on something for a minute then come back and grab my items. The input should just be a chest with an itemduct feeding in, and won't need any filter on it. Best thing to do is get an item life upgrade, then toss in everything. I usually work off of 7 compressed iron blocks at a time. Craft into ingots and throw in 9 compressed iron with 9 creeper plants, wait for PCBs, then extract. Go get them started on the next step, then use the remaining 54 compressed iron with 54 redstone dust and 27 lightning plant seeds + 27 squid plant seeds. Makes 9 PCBs without any excess.

One way I imagined it was just having dozens of adjacent pressure chambers next to each other, all connected to the same system. It'd take a lot for pressure to build up, but once it gets to the ideal level, should maintain that pressure for a long time.

One way to minimize the amount of interaction needed is to not output intermediate products. When making 'Empty PCB's throw iron, redstone and green(?) seeds into the pressure chamber by whatever means you have set up and set your filter to output 'Empty'. The chamber will happily compress the iron, seeds, and finally make the PCB. this has the added advantage of not losing pressure by exporting and importing the plastic and compressed iron unnecessarily.

Have a seperate output port configured for Capacitor, Transistor and Empty PCB and you only need a single pressure chamber. You can even use the ME Interface to set up autocrafting of whatever you need.

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That is true, although ME stuff might be a little more difficult due to being on Crash Landing, however that is a good idea. I don't have the most ideal setup, but I honestly never thought of throwing multiple things in for some reason. I could also narrow it down to just 1 extra Export and put “tor” for the contains.

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