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How to Instant Respawn Mobs in WOW Easy to Farm Gold, Rares, Mounts, etc in BFA PrePatch 2018!

Post published:July 29, 2018


Since Server Hop Addon and Phasing / Transfering Servers got hit hard in Legion, I figured it's perfect time to find a new way for the Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patchand fix that!

In this guide I will tell you exactly How to Instant Respawn Mobs, or Transfer Servers in order to farm Rares, Mounts, Gold or just generally avoid competition.

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Second account or Friend that has 30 seconds free, and is willing to help.

This is how you do it:

First create trial on second account on low population server, or any server tbh, or ask your friend to do it.Make it mage, because mage has free teleport to main city (Orgrimmar / Stormwind)Then go to the zone where your farmer is on the main account. (in the video I explain Vale as example but it works for any zone)When you are at the same zone, invite your main char with your trial char, or ask your friend to do it.That is how you get transfered to the server that the trial char is on.If the mobs are not killed on that server, you have free bunch of mobs to kill again!

How can this be used?

If you want to farm big quantity of mobs, and they have slow respawn, but they are important… you can pre-create couple trials if you have second account on bunch of low pop servers. Then just kill them on your main server, invite yourself to low-pop with your trial, then kill them again. While kiling them, relog to another server with the trial. By the time you kill them, you have relogged already, so just invite yourself again, transfer over, and re-kill. Repeat.If you want to camp rares for farming something important, you can do the same. Kill rare on main server. Login to low-pop with ur trial, invite urself again. Kill again, repeat.If you want to sell Alani mount, but it's killed on your server? Easy. Invite yourself with the trial, get transfered, check if Alani is alive. If it is, give yourself leader. Log off with the trial. Invite one of the buyers. Kick the trial, and you will remain on the server. Invite rest of the buyers.If you want to farm mounts like Reins of the Poseidon, or something, you can pretty much do the same. Check if it's alive on main server, if not invite on another with trial, relog to another trial on another server, invite, invite invitneinvinvinteinvinteinvintei and gg.and lots of other stuffs… use ur IMAGINATION!

When this will not work?

if the zone is raid or dungeonif the trial is not in the same zone as your main char (farmer)if you are trying to transfer to servers that are connected to each other (like stormscale / ragnaros for example – which i am not sure if they still are).some other stuffs that I haven't tested yet.

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You lazy to read? Worry not I got you covered too.

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Here is a 3 minute video on the same process.

How to Instant Respawn Mobs in WOW Easy to Farm Gold, Rares, Mounts, etc in BFA PrePatch 2018!

Thank you for reading and Let me know down in the comments if you got any issue, and/or what you think about it!

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