how to vote multiple times on minecraft

00:01hello guys and welcome to a new video

00:03today I just wanted to basically show

00:06opera a Apple you cannot vote vote

00:09unlimited times on certain servers you

00:15can vote on every server unlimited

00:16tablets actually you can vote for Java

00:18services works for everything if you

00:20have different Java cons you can vote

00:21unlimited times I'm not sure if there's

00:23like a limit at Java accounts how much

00:25you can vote but so I'm just going to

00:27show you that yesterday as you can read

00:30by the title this is a tutorial how to

00:33vote unlimited times and the app you're

00:35going to use is named opera this one

00:38right here I'm going to just compare it

00:40for a second to a other internet browser

00:43which you get on Samsung this internet

00:46browser I can go to a website like this

00:49I'm bought with my name but today I've

00:52voted already so it says you have

00:54already voted for the server today

00:55current time is May 5th to 2024 4 p.m.

01:0546 East sorry I I don't have to say you

01:09can see that this doesn't have a VPN so

01:12you just go to the App Store just go on

01:15it then go here and just opera it will

01:21pop up that's the first thing just

01:23download it open the app the app will

01:25open the first time you will download it

01:27it will basically have this menu but

01:32just go down here and the first option

01:36here I'm going to turn it on turn this

01:38off this a blocker you need it off you

01:41can turn on for everything else but just

01:43turn it off if you want more unlimited

01:44times then go to VPN you can delete the

01:47top if there's any VPN activity and just

01:51if the walls aren't working even though

01:54you haven't moved it for that account

01:55just make sure that this is an optional

01:58or just change it to America Asia or

02:01Europe then you can just press here the

02:05peach thing at the bottom right next to

02:08that opera sign and then private and the

02:11plus now you can add

02:13a website name like let's say I want to

02:15go on the GCM server then I will enter

02:18the GTM IP and slash whoa this is one of

02:23my favorite service I've done this and

02:24now here is the thing it will load as

02:27soon as it's done loading this is going

02:29to load and the other a new system of

02:31you today like yesterday and I thought

02:35oh man just got patch but actually

02:37didn't just make sure if this doesn't

02:40pop up this thing first and there's a

02:42red sign where it says certain things

02:44like you haven't accepted third-party

02:47access you need third-party access and

02:50to use the walk website and it will see

02:53it and it will say click here to house

02:57it could to activate it and you just

02:59click that and then at the bottom that

03:01will be a pop a little pop-up sign will

03:04come up and I will say I agree I


03:07I agree and I disagree

03:09just press I agree and it will work and

03:12then you can go unlimited times so I'm

03:15going to go to the two thing at the

03:18robot thing I'm I don't know I voted for

03:23this account today but I'm not going to

03:27vote for this account I'm going to let's

03:30say I'm going to vote for this account

03:32and I'll be like ok I agree vote and now

03:37it will load and it will work and devote

03:39another time I just closed the apps go

03:43up go back go to opera

03:46ad lib when I'm in opera just do the

03:50same thing and repeat it and then I can

03:54do the same thing over and over again

03:55that's how you on volvo unlimited times

03:58just guys make sure if make sure that

04:01it's not Manimal on your server –

04:03although unlimited times because most

04:05servers already know this is possible

04:07and they are going to make a banner bull

04:09so just make sure it's not barnable

04:11because otherwise they're going to say

04:13this guy is basically voting unlimited

04:16times getting a limited prices so we

04:18need to make this banner boom bad this

04:20guy so just make sure it's not banner

04:22ball and you can vote unlimited times

04:25like for this or it's not burnable yet

04:26so I'm still do

04:27even though I'm banned right now because

04:29of banner reading apparently I don't

04:31even care I should shut up just you can

04:34vote again as you can see I'm just I'm

04:36going to vote for Jessica and it will

04:44say I need to look for trains so that's

04:47a train that stunts and that's Marat and

04:52okay and I just bought again and as you

04:59can see it will work that's how you were

05:02unlimited times times guys just make

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05:07and if this worked for you please just

05:10write here in the bottom below because I

05:12had guys basically on a video commenting

05:15it's fake even though it worked and then

05:17when it got patched everybody was raging

05:20at me so please make sure to comment if

05:22it worked just right it worked from you

05:25guys or something it's your choice but

05:27still I hope the video you guys enjoyed

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05:35you will come back again to look at

05:38another tutorial for Minecraft mcpe and

05:41I'll see you all in the next video bye


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