I’ve been trying to learn to w tap, as getting extra knockback will really help in sumo and the bridge. However, I’ve been struggling to try and actually get the method right? When I do my attempt at w tapping (not very good, but should work at least once) it just gives the same knockback as running into them?

The main thing I’m not sure about is when to press and release w, as that may solve the problem I mentioned earlier. Are there any maps on how to see your knockback- then I will know if I’m doing it right. Thanks for any help 🙂



practice flawlessing sumo bots, this way you don’t need to worry about strafing or anything else, just walk forward and see if you can flawless the bots every time. once you can consistently flawless the bot, go up a difficulty.

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But how do you actually w tap? It’s just when i the it it gives me the same result as just sprinting (knockback wise)

basically you stop pressing w after you hit your opponent and start pressing w again when your about to hit your opponent again. I suggest you practice w taping in pvp.land

first, w tapping does not work without toggle sprint. you need to have toggle sprint on in order for it to work.

second, do not spam w. you want to release and repress w right after you land a hit in. this will make sure your forward movement is not slowed down too much.

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third, good places to practice w tapping is any pvp server. you could also go to a pvp housing in hypixel to practice.

you can do it without toggle sprint, its just personal preference

hypixel is not a good server to practice, try mmc or lunar where the players are generally better

U can practice this using Pvp land server, a server where u can fight bots.

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i also explain this more in depth in a tutorial i made https://youtu.be/wyBxurBtiqI


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