How To Warp In Minecraft – (Java Parity) /Warp & /Setwarp

One of the most enjoyable activities when playing is to build houses. Often, these houses are spread all over the world. Sometimes while exploring, you might discover awesome hidden temples or villages in remote locations. It can be challenging to remember how to get back to all of those places. In this activity, you’ll see how to create a tool that you can use to teleport between all of those different locations. This ‘Warp Belt’ will save the locations in memory by using arrays so you can easily jump between them all.

In the chat window, enter ‘/locate’ followed by a space.

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You can then enter in any structure you might want to find in the world you are in. You might use this to first locate things, teleport there, and then save the locations in your warp belt!

For example, to find a mansion in a world, enter the following:

/locate mansion


You’ll support four main commands in this program:

Delete: This creates an empty array, effectively deleting your old one.Save: This saves your current position to the next empty spot in the array.Warp: This command, when entered with a number, teleports the player to the position stored at that index in the array.List: This command prints all the positions in the array, with their index numbers.

Do the activity

Create an empty array

Create a new project called Warp.

From ||loops:LOOPS||, drag a ||loops:on start|| block onto the coding Workspace.

Open ||variables:VARIABLES|| and Make a Variable.

Name this variable warp_array, and click Ok.

From ||variables:VARIABLES||, drag a ||variables:set|| into the ||loops:on start||.

From the ||variables:set|| drop-down menu, select the warp_array variable.

Now let’s set ||variables:warp_array|| to a new array.

Click the Advanced tab in the Toolbox to display ||arrays:ARRAYS||.

From ||arrays:ARRAYS||, drag ||arrays:create array with|| into the ||variables:set “warp_array” to||.

In ||arrays:create array with||, click the minus sign (–) to empty it. You should see the title change to ||arrays:create empty array||.

let warp_array: number<> = <>warp_array = <>

Make the “delete” command

Now, let’s create a command to delete our array. When you “delete” the array, you simply want to set it to an empty array so you are deleting the array’s contents.

From ||player:PLAYER||, drag an ||player:on chat command|| onto the Workspace.

Name this command delete.

Right-click the existing ||variables:set|| in ||loops:on start|| and select Duplicate.

Drag this new ||variables:set|| block into ||player:on chat command “delete”||.

From ||player:PLAYER||, drag a ||player:say|| after ||variables:set||.

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In ||player:say||, enter a message, for example, “Array deleted”.

let warp_array: number<> = <>player.onChat(“delete”, function () { warp_array = <> player.say(“Array deleted”)})warp_array = <>

Make the “save” command

To save locations into our array, you will want the save command to add the current position to the end of our array when we call it.

From ||player:PLAYER||, drag another ||player:on chat command|| to the Workspace.

Name this command save.

From ||arrays:ARRAYS||, drag ||arrays:add value to end|| into ||player:on chat command “save”||.


Set the position into the warp array

From the ||arrays:add value to end|| drop-down menu, select warp_array as the array you want to add values to.

You are saving positions, so you need to adjust ||arrays:add value to end|| a little more.

From ||player:PLAYER||, drag a ||player:player world position|| into the Add value of ||arrays:add value to end||.

let warp_array: Position<> = <>warp_array.push(player.position())From ||player:PLAYER||, drag a ||player:say|| block after the ||arrays:”warp_array” add value “player world position” to end|| block.

In the ||player:say|| block, enter a message, for example, “position added”.

let warp_array: Position<> = <> player.onChat(“delete”, function () { warp_array = <> player.say(“Array deleted”)})player.onChat(“save”, function () { warp_array.push(player.position()) player.say(“position added”)})warp_array = <>

Create a “warp” command

The player will use the warp command by passing in a number, such as “warp 1” or “warp 2”, to teleport themselves to a saved location in the array.

From ||player:PLAYER||, drag a ||player:on chat command|| to the Workspace.

Name this command warp.

In ||player:on chat command “warp”||, click the plus sign (+) to add a parameter. It is called num1 by default. This is a variable. This is the number of the location you want to warp to. Recall that in arrays, the number where something is stored is called the index or key. You will pass in the index here through ||player:on chat command “warp”||. Then you will get the information stored in that location.

Therefore, if you wanted to warp to our third saved location, you would enter warp 3 in the chat window. The computer goes to the third location and gets your coordinates for you!

You should always name variables something meaningful. Rename num1 to Warp_LocationNum.

From ||player:PLAYER||, drag ||player:teleport to|| into ||player:on chat command “warp”||.

Now we just need to get the information stored in our array.

From ||arrays:ARRAYS||, drag ||arrays:get value at|| into ||player:teleport to|| and replace the existing coordinates block.

let warp_array: Position<> = <>player.teleport(warp_array<0>)From the ||arrays:get value at|| drop-down menu, select the warp_array variable.

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From the ||variables:VARIABLES||, drag Warp_LocationNum into the second slot of the ||arrays:get value at||.

let warp_array: Position<> = <>player.onChat(“warp”, function (Warp_LocationNum) { player.teleport(warp_array)})Now, when you call the warp command with a number, the code will grab the position in the spot you specify. Then you will teleport to the position stored in the array.

Additional improvements

There are a couple of ways you can improve this warp command. Some of these improvements will be challenges you will need to complete. However, before you get to the challenges, try to do one more thing:

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