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Commands in Minecraft can make the game a lot easier. Sometimes it's enjoyable to just run around and explore without needing to struggle to get there. It's not really the same in Creative mode, but Survival with commands or cheats on can help find that perfect balance between the two.

Sure, it disables achievements and some hardcore Minecraft players will frown upon it, but it is a great balance between Creative and Survival. Commands can be difficult to use if players aren't familiar with them and many of them are complicated and difficult to remember. Here's how to use them.

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Commands in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Commands in Minecraft Pocket Edition function the same way as they do on any other platform, whether it's Java or Bedrock. The backslash key “/” is the important one to remember as it will perform commands typed in after it. One thing has to come first, though. Commands aren't naturally turned on in a Minecraft world, so they'll need to be activated first. This can be done in settings.

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Either before or after the world is created, it doesn't really matter when, Minecraft players should go to the world settings. This is the first thing that comes up when creating a world, or can be found in the settings on the pause menu.

Scroll down on world settings and find the “Activate cheats” button and turn it on. The game will warn players then that achievements are off and that there's no going back. Proceed, and cheats will now be activated for the world until turned off.

In the world, there's one way to use cheats once they are activated. The chat bar is the only way to use them. Pressing backslash (/) will allow players to use a variety of commands. There are several commands, but some of them are pretty easy to use. The /tp command will allow players to teleport. Simply input the player name and then the coordinates and it will teleport after sending the message into the chat.

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The /locate command is another good one. Typing /locate followed by whatever structure needs to be located, like fortress, village, stronghold, ruined portal or buried treasure (which will both be all one word), and the coordinates will come up on screen.

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