In every single fantasy world, Elves act favor some massive, necessary god-complexy type thing, yet they're always the ones responsible in some means for the current shit the people is going via.

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I desire to say I refsupplied to let Zevran in the party in Dragon Era bereason I couldn't trust having actually someone that just tried to kill me adhering to me approximately. That isn't the reason. The genuine reason is bereason he was a goddamn Elf, and also couldn't be trusted, and he was far also sexy for MY grimdark fantasy, give thanks to you incredibly much.

I recently began playing FFXIV, and rolled an Elf, because I assumed they actually looked kinda cool tright here. Then I realised "Holy shit, I'm playing as an Elf" and also had actually to stop. Also because I didn't like the limited animations for that class.


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